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 Building Your Strategic Plan for Academic and College Admissions Success: 
What's Included?!
Bonnie R. Rabin, Ph.D.
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Bonnie R. Rabin, Ph.D.
focuses on guiding students and career professionals to better position themselves to reach educational and career goals. You'll receive one-on-one attention to create a focused and personalized strategic plan.  With over thirty years experience as a university professor, admissions committee member and HR Consultant, you're invited to leverage my extensive knowledge of university curricula and career opportunities.
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Pre-College Academic Advising!  
Educational & College Admissions Consulting:
  • Academic assessment and extracurricular planning and refinement
  • Customized solutions for effective study habits, time management and test taking strategies
  • Assistance with college research and program majors to create a list of target, reach and likely admit schools.
  • Negotiating and maximizing your financial aid award, including targeted scholarship search
  • Guided college application assistance and review, including application deadline management.
  • Admissions essay- finding your niche, topic development and guided editing of multiple drafts of your Common Application core and supplemental essays and Scholarships
    Summer Internships/Co-ops, REU and research assistantships application support
  • Evaluating potential gap year programs and your admissions offers 

Career Services:

  • Customized and personalized attention   
  • Assisted preparation and review of resumes & cover letters 
  • Coaching for new graduates: Networking & Job Search
  • Guidance for career changes
  • Coaching and practice for effective job and promotion interviews
  • Negotiating a salary offer or a raise
Is Your Student on Target?
What's Included in a Strategic Educational Plan ? 
Seniors-- Common Application vs. Coalition? Moving Parts?

The back-to-school window is the perfect time for a comprehensive educational assessment aimed at building specific strategies for success.


This week's Facebook Newsfeed is filled with smiling students, pictures posted by loving parents of their child's first day at school - from pre-school to high school seniors- all beaming with excitement!
It is my hope that these smiling faces and the parents behind the camera lens are recharged for a successful school year!
What are your student's 
academic and social goals ?

What can parents do to keep students on target?  

Success begins with a Strategic Educational Plan to include student specific action items!

It's not too early (Freshman) or too late (Seniors) to set goals, build solid time management and learning strategies and discover a hidden academic strength. I invite you learn more about my role in helping to build your student's plan!

A Strategic Educational Plan Includes:
  • A Challenging "synergistic" high school curriculum 
  • Sustained, directed and meaningful extracurricular activities both within and outside of school
  • Student directed research to explore a variety of emerging academic and career interests  
    (Monthly academic/career discovery exercises!)
  • Time management solutions
    (Parents- you're too busy to argue with your emerging adult about homework!)
  • Setting goals for target colleges, majors and scholarships
  • Affordable college choices
Motivated, Self-Directed & Confident Young Adults Ready to Succeed!

Let's get you up-to-speed on some important items to include in a student's strategic educational plan including   specific action items  for freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors:  

All High School Students (9th, 10th, 11th and 12th):
  • Customized Learning Solutions:Review any concerns from the previous academic year and create solutions:     1) learning strategies and study habits for difficult or time consuming classes, 2) test-taking skills and preparation,  3) time management techniques, and 4) reducing potential stress from being overextended!    
  • High School Curriculum Map: As an educational consultant with thirty years of university experience, I provide valuable pre-college advising to ensure:
    1) a seamless transition between your high school classes and your anticipated undergraduate major, and
    2) success in the college admissions and application process.  
    Your transcript matters most!  The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) annual State of College Admissions report confirms that universities continue to indicate that the high school transcript (your curriculum and GPA) is the single most important factor in the college admissions process.  LEARN ABOUT COLLEGE ADMISSIONS TRENDS
  • What's Your Unique "Story"?!
     Extracurricular activities define and shape your high school experiences.  While enjoyable, your activities may also create time management challenges.    Your strategic plan may require refinement to more carefully select quality (not quantity) extracurricular activities.
    Participate in activities that truly bring you enjoyment and provide opportunities for leadership, growth and potential exploration of personal or academic interests (i.e. FIRST ROBOTICS or DECA) but not at the expense of your GPA and peace of mind.  
    500 or 100 hours of Community Service? Admissions staff look for sustained and heartfelt commitment to 1 to 2 organizations.  Multiple hours spread across several one-time efforts doesn't add  value an application. 
Especially for Juniors:
Leverage my experience and knowledge of a variety of traditional and unheard of interesting major areas of study. Let's explore together!   Look for synergies between your high school curriculum and potential undergraduate majors of interest!

Whether your student is STEM, business,  or liberal arts focused or a  "creative"--  I'm confident I can introduce you to majors you haven't yet considered inspiring academic re-direction and increasing chances of admission!
  • Standardized Test Taking: Your strategic plan should include these exams and also include a schedule of regular and ongoing weekly preparation for your:
    a) SAT or ACT   b) SAT II subject tests and  c) Advanced Placement exams.
Don't wait until April to begin reviewing for your important SAT II subject test and Advanced Placement exams.   You do not need pricey and expensive third-party test preparation services.  Let me help you  customize an ongoing manageable and 
student self-directed test review program.

  • Summer 2017: IT'S NOT TO EARLY TO START EXPLORING YOUR OPTIONS!   A meaningful post-junior year summer activity increases the likelihood of acceptance at many colleges.  Aside from working on your college application, summer 2017 is an opportunity to work for pay, to volunteer, to work on a performance interview (arts/music) or attend a competitive summer program at a university.
    Attending a summer college program is an excellent way to demonstrate "informed interest" in the college admissions process
    .  You may even garner a recommendation from a professor for use in your college application. Financial assistance is available.
Let me help you to identify a summer college program that "fits" your needs and to help with your summer program application (typically due January to March.)

Review my earlier Newsletter on the merits of summer programs.  Many are free of cost.  I also work with students to customize a supervised stay-at-home program.

Especially for Seniors
Get vaccinated for SENIORITIS!  This is a serious affliction.  It can start earlier than you think and it is highly contagious.   

Your college admissions to-do list includes



UF is now participating in the Coalition Application.  Keep in mind the Common Application essay allows up to 650 words in contrast to the UF application of 500 wors. 

  • In contrast,  you have more allowable space on the Coalition App to present and define your extracurricular activities than on the limited space of the Common Application.
    Please contact me for assistance making the most effective presentation of your academic, extracurricular and personal experiences!
  • Prepare your activities resume:LEARN MORE: Unique Presentation Matters!
  • Approach two teachers ASAP to write recommendations
  • Register for any standardized tests you want to retake before December 2016

Complete Your College Applications ASAP:  At some institutions, admissions committees can read applications on a rolling basis.  From my experience as a university faculty member reviewing college applications, I can tell you with absolute honesty that there's an unconscious and favorable bias to reading files submitted before the rush of tens of thousands of last-minute applications.

Financial Aid Eligibility and Scholarship Search: Parents of seniors this is the time to review what you can afford and explore the actual cost of your child's college education given your FAFSA EFC. 

Having spent three decades as a university professor, I have the inside experience and knowledge to maximize your financial aid award! If you are eligible for financial aid, I am confident we can negotiate to increase your initial financial award.  LEARN MORE ABOUT MAXIMIZING FINANCIAL AID

Do you have a strategic educational plan for success?
Your Educational Plan Includes:
  • A challenging "synergistic" high school curriculum 
  • Sustained and directed extracurricular activities
  • Meaningful Experiences and Connections
  • Student directed research to create a list of target colleges and scholarships 
Motivated, Self-Directed & Confident Young Adults Ready to Succeed!


With three decades of university experience advising undergraduate and graduate students, it is my pleasure to help young adults uncover their academic strengths and personal interests.   Given my extensive knowledge of undergraduate and graduate curricula and degree requirements, we will collaborate to determine a personalized strategic plan to set and realize long term educational and career goals.  You'll receive the ongoing and unlimited one-on-one support you need including customized solutions to yield effective habits for time management, classroom learning, test taking and coping with academic stress. One of my goals is to impart my clients with the skills to become confident and mature decision makers.


Be Inspired!


Best wishes for a successful school year!  I look forward providing assistance.


Bonnie R. Rabin, Ph.D.

Educational, College Admissions and Career Consultant




Bonnie R. Rabin, Ph.D.




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