August 2017
E-newsletter highlighting grant deadlines, upcoming workshops and available resources for municipal recycling and solid waste leaders.
Letters to chief elected officers mailed... have until December 2017 to comply with CMMS requirements

Connecticut’s 2016 Comprehensive Materials Management Strategy (CMMS) recognizes the

important role of municipalities in waste reduction and recycling, and refocuses state and local

efforts on helping municipalities meet existing statutory provisions and best management


Specifically, Goal 1 of the “CMMS Actions & Implementation” section of the CMMS

states: “Improve the performance of municipal recycling programs and reduce waste, including

increasing participation and compliance with mandatory recycling provisions.”

The CMMS, including the objectives that follow Goal 1, is available on the DEEP website.  DEEP will, within available resources, continue to:

  • provide support for municipalities, including state-led compliance assurance and enforcement of recycling laws
  • encourage following and using the new statewide recycling guidelines outlined in the “What’s In, What’s Out” education resources and promotion campaign
  • offer grant programs to support improvement to municipal diversion systems.

If you have any questions about meeting the requirements outlined in the CMMS or corrections

on data submitted to DEEP, please feel free to contact Peter Brunelli in the Sustainable Materials

Management Program at (860) 424-3536 or

For more information about DEEP Recycling Grants program and other efforts listed above, please visit the Municipal Recycling Resource webpage.

To keep apprised of DEEP’s implementation efforts of the CMMS, we encourage all municipalities to join the Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) listserv.

Instructions on how to self-subscribe to this list are available at

We also encourage networking and sharing of best practices through the CT Recycling

Coordinator Listserv. Interested people can self-subscribe to this list by sending a blank message


CMMS Compliance Timeline/Process

DEEP anticipates the following timeline in tracking municipal compliance with CMMS goals:

  • Letter from DEEP regarding compliance with CMMS sent August 2017
  • Annual Municipal Recycling Report due from municipalities in September 2017
  • Follow-up letter from DEEP to be sent June 2018
  • Annual Municipal Recycling Report due from municipalities in September 2018

More on CMMS

In July 2016, the State adopted the Comprehensive Materials Management Strategy (CMMS) pursuant to Public Act 14-94 and Section 22a-241a of the Connecticut General Statutes. The CMMS reaffirms the solid waste management hierarchy to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost.

To view the adopted CMMS, please visit

WRAP Kick-Off in East Hartford
Press Conference and Kick Off
Thursday, August 17th
31 Main St, East Hartford

Please join Mayor Marcia A. Leclerc and ShopRite of East Hartford/Waverly Markets, LLC as East Hartford announces their commitment to join communities in CT, around the country and in Canada in the Wrap Recycling Action Program (WRAP), which expands the kids of plastic residents can recycle at local retail grocery and home improvement stores.

Visit for more information.   RSVP to Jessica Carrero at 860-291-7203

Want to join other CT WRAP Champions and promote plastic film recycling in your town?  Contact Sherill Baldwin, CT WRAP Coordinator.
More than Bags
     Upcoming Events:

Wed., August 30, 10am - 12:30pm - Task Force to Study Methods for Reducing Consuming packaging that Generates Solid Waste CT DEEP Headquarters, 79 Elm Street, Hartford CT. To Join the Task Force meeting virtually, Register Here. For further information, please contact Robin Bumpen at (860) 240- 0431 or Agenda TBA.

Tues., September 26, 9:30am - Solid Waste Advisory Committee, CT DEEP Headquarters, Gina McCarthy Auditorium in Hartford or on-line  This is a public meeting and an opportunity for solid waste and recycling professionals to stay up-to-date on regulations, legislation and innovation in CT and the region.  Agenda TBA.
Join the CTRecyclers listserv. Stay up to date on upcoming events, ask your colleagues questions, etc. This list is open to professionals and community volunteers working on municipal recycling efforts and is for discussing recycling and solid waste recovery challenges and opportunities. DEEP is sponsoring this discussion list to encourage cross-pollination of ideas, hear new concepts, approaches and technologies, share successes, projects and programs and overall provide each other support in an effort to increase recycling and solid waste recovery in Connecticut. Self-subscribe to this list by sending a blank message to .
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