June 2016 - Vol. 11, Issue 6
Get Your Site Photo Ready For Next Season! 
A picture's worth a thousand words - and when a picture is poorly formatted on your website, those words might not be too favorable.

Join us on June 15th for Maximize Demosphere as we talk about the essentials every administrator needs to know about photo formatting:
  • Preparing Slideshows
  • Resizing Images
  • Fitting Image Width
  • Adding & Understanding PNG Files
  • Online Editing Tools
  • ...And More!
Join us on Wednesday, June 15th at 1:00pm ET as Demosphere presents the 87th Maximize Demosphere webinar -   Picture Perfect.

Sign up today and reserve your spot in the session!
Spreading The Word About Communication
In the last few months, both the RosterPro ®  System and the TeamNet™ platform have been rolling out new ways to communicate.

Watch  this video to learn about the newest communication features available to you.
Have Feedback To Share?

Demosphere administrators from across the Washington DC area gathered in Falls Church, VA last month during our RosterPro User Group!

During the session, attendees shared feedback about which features they'd like to see added in future releases.

Get the full scoop on the User Group and what some of the attendees had to say about the session on the Demosphere Blog.
The Demosphere Network - New Website Launches

Congratulations to the following groups on the launch of their new websites!
Coming Soon: U.S. Soccer's New Girls' Development Academy

Keep an eye out next fall (2017) for the launch of U.S. Soccer's new Girls' Development Academy Program!

The Girls' Development Academy is said to mimic many of the existing principles followed by the Boys' Development Academy.

Read the full details about the program standards, what NWSL has to say, and the disagreement with ECNL on the  Demosphere Blog !
Limited/No Refund Policy? Costs Can Still Be Covered!

The more registrations the merrier when it comes to a tournament, camp, or travel program. It would be a shame to learn that a high upfront cost is deterring players from applying.

Before a parent turns over thousands of dollars in registration fees, they want to know that they've made a safe investment. 

What happens if their child suffers an injury that prevents them from playing this season? Will they get their money back?

Demosphere has partnered with Next Wave Insurance Services to protect a registrant's investment in the event of an unforeseeable injury, sickness, inclement weather, and more!

Through this partnership, families can opt-in to an insurance policy to cover the cost of sporting events with an affordable, low minimum premium. For more information on Next Wave Insurance, contact our Sales Team at sales@demosphere.com.
Clear Your Cache To Reveal Real-Time Edits

Imagine it. You've just made a change to your website that you're really excited to show-off to your club.

You're about to send out an email bragging about the change, when you double-check the site. The new update isn't there! 

Your browser can sometimes store an old version of your website. This stored version can prevent you from seeing edits that have been recently made.

To confirm you're seeing the most up-to-date version, you need to clear your cache. Here's how.
Demosphere Blog Updates

Check out the newest features and enhancements to Demosphere products, as well as best practices to follow at the  Demosphere Blog !
What's On Your Mind?

During our most recent User Group session, Demosphere received invaluable feedback about how real users would like to see the RosterPro Registration System progress in the future. 

Now we'd like to hear what you have to say! Reply to this email with any questions, comments, or suggestions you have about your Demosphere system!