Is Your Website Connecting
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 With the risk of sounding too obvious, your website is one of the most required marketing communications channels that all organizations need in their line-up. And what is more important than ever is that your website connects with and impacts the audiences you hope to reach. No longer can we throw something up there as a requirement and hope people visit and stay. If you need help either starting and launching a website, or your website is badly in need of a revamp, give us a call and  we’ll  share how we can help. 
We can deliver a fully comprehensive website development process from strategy, to messaging, to content, all the way through to creative and development. Or … we can help you set priorities within your budget to do your revamp.   (Hint: Sometimes revamps happen in stages over several months based on budgets and resources available.)

The new Marcomm Works website 
True to our values, we have put our own counsel to work. Even though it has only been a couple of years since we revamped our website, we thought it was time to refresh and make sure we were current. We put our work gloves on, set our strategy, clarified our priorities and messaging, developed content, and set our creative whiz Tina Kingstree loose to do her thing. We hope you like it! Check out our new Marcomm Works website.

A new Facebook page as well
We are launching a new website, so why not launch a new Marcomm Works Facebook page and re-energize our LinkedIn presence? Connect to our social media and watch for our posts. Hopefully we make an impact! 

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Meet Guy Carson, Senior Designer
Guy has worked in the creative arts for three decades for a variety of businesses such as newspapers, printing companies, an in-house agency for a multi-faceted business that produced events, horse racing, gaming, concerts, managed exhibition show space and an NHL arena, and as a successful freelance sole proprietor.

His skill set covers a multitude of specialties – including graphic design, web development, typography, programming and e-commerce strategies. He is fluent in the Adobe suite of software tools and can develop and manage websites in a multitude of content management systems including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Duda, Jimdo, Squarespace, Ecwid and Shopify. His design skill set has included all manner of communication pieces — from newsletters, magazine advertising, signage and vehicle wraps to corporate logo systems, business branding guideline systems and event branding collateral. Connect with Guy through

Public engagement update
We have enjoyed a fantastic 2019 as the public engagement consultant for the City of Edmonton's River Valley Stairs Rehabilitation Project. Thanks to our collaborators at the City of Edmonton for their passion to connect with so many stakeholders and listen to their input. If you are interested in how Marcomm Works can help with your public engagement needs, contact Wade at
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