Is a Pre-Engineered Solution the Right Answer?
It is, if You Need a Total Solution Self-Contained Rack !
Easily put IT infrastructure where you need it with the Vertiv™ VRC-S. This pre-integrated, enclosed micro data center is designed to be up and running at an edge application in days. Available in eight pre-built standard options with four rack sizes and two voltages (120V or 208V) to choose from, the solution incorporates a rack power distribution unit (PDU), embedded monitoring software, and the Vertiv™ VRC self-contained cooling kit in an enclosed standard IT edge rack.

Key Benefits:
  • Simplifies IT management in edge applications, saving time and hassle with an all-in-one, pre-integrated micro data center solution
  • Integrates power distribution, up to 3.5 kW of cooling, and intelligent, outlet level monitoring in a plug-and-play solution
  • Easily deploys in weeks and can be installed in hours, saving time and money
  • Enclosed system increases cooling efficiency and protection for sensitive equipment
  • Available in eight pre-built standard options with a choice of four rack sizes and two voltage options to match your application’s needs
  • Offers remote monitoring capabilities

It is, if Simplifying IT Deployment is the Answer !
The Vertiv SmartRow DCX is a self-contained, modular datacenter designed to simplify IT deployments in indoor spaces. With capacities that grow as you do, integrating cooling, UPS, power distribution, fire suppression, and backup ventilation, the SmartRow™ enables standardization of complete micro datacenter configurations across multiple locations. The degree of factory integration maximizes installation speed while minimizing cost. Why build out a datacenter space, when you can have one delivered?

It is, if Your Containment System Provides Security !

The SmartAisle offering optimizes infrastructure deployment and management with an intelligent row-based system that integrates data center racks, power, row cooling, aisle containment, monitoring and control technologies for spaces with up to 40 racks.

The SmartAisle approach can be used as a standalone solution to scale from just a few racks up to an entire data center (most cost effective up to 400kW total load). Or within a larger data center, it can be applied to meet capacity growth objectives, providing the infrastructure support needed to increase density without increasing footprint. This highly efficient, flexible and easily implemented solution can be deployed in either raised floor or non-raised floor environments. - - > MORE
The Readers Corner
Your Edge-Ready Micro Data Center
The Vertiv™ VRC-S is a pre-integrated, enclosed micro data center solution designed to be up and running at an edge or other small site in a matter of days. Available in eight pre-built standard sizes with two voltage options (120V or 208V), the solution incorporates a rack power distribution unit (PDU), monitoring software, and the new Vertiv™ VRC self-contained rack cooling unit in an enclosed standard IT rack.
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