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I have cried until the tears no longer come. My heart is broken. My spirit poured out as I see what has happened to my people.

Lamentations 2:11a, NLT

I attended an art exhibit by one of the world's greatest artist, Michelangelo. It was an exhibit displaying replicas of the magnificent religious paintings he created on the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Italy. Paintings including the creation of humankind, the creation of light and darkness, Noah and the ark, the Great Judgment, and some of the major biblical prophets such as Ezekiel, Isaiah & Daniel. I was in awe by the magnificent display of art as I walked around and viewed the exhibit, but one piece deeply moved me when I stopped to view it - a piece with an older, gray-haired man holding his head in his hands.

That man was Jeremiah, the weeping prophet. The prophet who grieved deeply for his beloved city Jerusalem when God used the Babylonian army to destroy it because the Israelites rejected God's plans for their lives and chose to live according to their own way.

Is anyone weeping for our "Jerusalem"' today? Our nation that is rejecting God's plan and principles for its life and living according to its own way? Weeping for a nation fraught with sin, depravity, immorality, and injustice which now is the order of the day?

Jeremiah wept deeply because his tears flowed from a broken heart; a heart broken because his people had chosen to break God's heart. Is your heart breaking like Jeremiah's because you see others doing things that break God's heart? Killing one another with words and actions with no sense of remorse? Living life without boundaries and becoming increasingly confused along the way? Incorporating crude and profane language into daily conversations as acceptable once considered unacceptable?

We need to pray on behalf of our nation because God told us he would hear our prayers when we pray. But is that enough? Is it time for his people not only to pray, but to collectively weep for our nation to let God know how deeply sorry we are for our sins and for the sins of our land? Before destruction comes?

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Jeaninne Stokes is Christian author and Bible-teacher and the founder of Inspiration for living ministries, a Bible-teaching ministry whose mission is to encourage and equip her readers through the Word of God as they seek to live a life of faith in every arena of their lives. Sharing my perspective is an opinion-editorial commentary she writes about the social and moral issues occurring in the world from a biblical point of view. If you enjoyed today's inspiration, join her mailing list to receive a regular dose of inspiration for your faith journey. Visit her also at her website below to view additional resources she offers to inspire you through her writing and Bible-teaching ministry.


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