PCS Connection November 2017
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Is Chinking Cosmetic or a Sealant?
Log Home with Lifeline Finish

Perma-Chink has evolved into an elastomeric compound that has been specifically designed for use in log home sealing applications. Perma-Chink adds to the overall integrity of the structure by not only preventing water and air from entering the home, but also adding greatly to the overall effectiveness of the entire building envelope - keeping heat and air from escaping during the heating and cooling seasons. While it looks fantastic when properly applied,  Perma-Chink is most definitely a sealant first and a cosmetic product second. 
Preventing Wood Decay 

More wood is replaced each year because of decay damage than all other factors combined! Commonly called rot, wood destroying fungi need three things to survive: air, water, and food. Since we can't eliminate air and their food is the wood in our homes, the only mechanical control mechanism available to us is the elimination of water. Water is the enemy of wood! Although we've all heard the term "dry rot," dry wood will not rot!

Asian lady beetle
Ladybugs & Boxelder Bugs

In many areas of the country when cool, fall days arrive, Asian lady beetles (ladybugs), or  Harmonia axyridis, and boxelder bugs, or  Boisea trivittatus, congregate on exterior walls. They typically choose the south and west facing walls since these walls are the warmest. 
Workshops & Log Home Shows

Join us in Montana for a free DIY workshop to learn about the ins and outs of log home maintenance.

Saturday, November 4, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM MDT

2017 Log Home Show Schedule 

Make plans to stop by our booth at the upcoming Log & Timber Home Show near you!

November 3-5 | The Log & Timber Home Show | Asheville, NC
January 5-7 | The Log & Timber Home Show | Allentown, PA

Purpose of Perma-Chink Systems

"We strive to care for and to meet the needs of our customers. We are always on the lookout for innovating ways to improve our products. We select the best raw materials with properties necessary to protect wood substrates from the environment and self-degradation"

- Steve Gazikas, Purchasing Manager  
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