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April 2017
Our best newsletters are the ones where you, our readers, have suggested the topics. Joanne recently received the following email from one of her patients.

"I wanted to touch base about a concept that keeps coming up in food podcasts/books/articles, etc. The idea of 'emotional eating,' and what that even means. I understand that it is the idea of food being comforting and thus using it as a coping mechanism, but isn't food almost always tied with emotion (happy, guilty, satisfied/pleased, disappointed, etc.)?

"I think this concept is referring to eating when not hungry to deal rather than other ways, but often I hear rethinking if that cupcake in the middle of the afternoon is what you need or to call a friend or go for a walk.' Yes, I agree that sometimes if I am tired, I will crave these foods, and realize I just need a nap. However, what if I crave a sweet snack in the middle of the afternoon, after lunch, because I am hungry and that's what I want? To be honest, I don't love this idea because it feels judge-y. Am I interpreting it wrong?

"Also, on a Friday after a long week, I look forward to a drink, a meal of my choice, and some popcorn in front of the TV. Does that make me an 'emotional eater,' too? I don't think that is wrong but maybe this is not how I should be coping with stress...? Thanks!"

Check out Joanne's response below.

Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner
Emotional Eating
It's important to realize that feeding ourselves comfort food sometimes even if we are not hungry is one way that we are trying to take care of ourselves. It might not be the most helpful or effective way to give ourselves self-care, but it is a self-care attempt nonetheless. Read More 
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