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Is it Fall yet?
CTL JacketTee

We hear you! You've been hanging out in sweat pants or shorts and loose tees for months. 
Comfortable, yes. Relaxed, yes. Forgiving! Yes!
"But, please, oh, please, you say, "I am SO ready for something NEW!"

You still want to feel cozy and comfortable, but looking great in something new whether you're curled up on the couch reading a book or perhaps visiting the Nelson Museum 
now that it has re-opened.

Two words: Cut Loose

CTL BoxyTee2
    Even the name says you're going to be comfortable. Made in San Francisco, Cut Loose has been "inviting you to have fun dressing in a relaxed style with a bit of individuality" since the 70's. 

   Since dyeing their first garments in the antique claw-footed bathtub in their home and then street-vending tee shirts and drawstring pants on Fisherman's Wharf, Cut Loose still cuts, sews and dyes all their garments in San Fran.
CTL BoxyTee

   "Cut Loose clothes are simple to launder and easy to pack, unpack, and wear - even when you pick them up off the bedroom floor." Sounds like the perfect garments for these times! 

   We particularly love their cotton/linen blend fabrics - great tunics, tees, and pants - with a lovely texture and feel. Their bias tees just skim the body but aren't binding and make great layering pieces. Some  tunics come in just 2 sizes for give a looser silhouette - they might feel like
CTL SuperEasyTunic
that old tee shirt, but they're easily stylized with scarves and jewelry and paired with leggings when you go out and about.

   And, check it out! This fabulous "one-size" tunic just might become your new best friend. Throw it on as a caftan around the house. Pair it with boots as a dress or layer with our always-popular crop pants - stylish, yet effortless! 

Cut Loose -
great colors for Fall
We know you'll "fall" in love!

Shopping . . .

CTL NewClothingComp
Along with our wonderful collection of Cut Loose separates - click here to see them all - we also received 3 colors in the super-comfortable "Stitched Pants" from Windhorse. The mocha color pants are pictured bottom left above - click here to shop for them.

OTJ NewJewelry092020
Our Organic Tagua Jewelry's fall collection now includes recycled wood in some of the designs. Also new are the acai berry bracelets that can be worn singly or stacked together. Click here to shop our Tagua.

WNK EyeglassComp
Did you know we carry colorful "readers" in powers from 1.0 to 3.0? In fun colors and patterns right now. Come into our store to try them on! (Or give us a call and of course we'll help you choose a pair!)

BIT FlipFlopFan
Flip Flop mats are back! The largest size arrived recently with 8 beautiful mats to choose from. Order online here and we'll choose one for you (yes we can send them!) or stop in to choose the one that catches your eye.

MOK NewChimes 0920
New chimes from India! The weather is turning cooler. A perfect time to sit outside and listen to a new chime. Click here to see them all.

Enjoy your shopping!
We appreciate your continued support so much!!
Every sale helps sustain our small business!

Searching for Treasures in our 
"World Marketplace"!

Our lovely expanded sale corner in our "back room" is full of clothing, gifts, folk art, scarves and bags, pillows and textiles.

Sale clothing racks and select scarves continue at
20 to 75% off!!

and our gift "table" full of this, that and the other. . .
at 50 - 75% off!!!

and the wonderful ethnographic folk art pieces, pillows and home decor textiles that are "red dotted" which means
25% off!

Happy Sale Shopping!

(Unfortunately most of the sale items are not available online) 
Jan's musings. . .

   For some of you life continues to be rather quiet at home and you long for more freedom to be out and about. For others (myself included), every single day is full of activity from morning until night. For all of us, the turbulence of our times can feel like a rushing stream. 

   Some days I feel like I'm being carried along in the fast-moving current, unable to put my feet down or to paddle to shore. The water churns and tumbles over rocks and I feel the tug that might pull me under. A rock looms threatening to knock me off balance and send me another direction. Limbs and branches grab at me and demand my attention.

   And yet there's something exciting and powerful about being carried along in the rush of water and energy. It's freeing and terrifying at the same time.

   Too much. Too much. Time to turn and ease toward the shore where the water slows and finally gently laps at the gentle slope of land. Here I'll rest a bit. I'll watch the rushing, but I'll slow down, close my eyes and think of the directions I really want to go.

   Eventually I'll wade back out into the water. There's changes to be found around the bend and the river helps create new life. But I'll remember how important it also is to find the shore. 

To stop. To breathe. To rest.
River's Edge
River's Edge

**video by Jan Buerge

   Are you feeling swept up in the current too?  We love how customers walk through our door and comment on the beauty and calm energy of our store. We're here for you and love being a "calm edge of the river." We're in this together. 
   For those of you who cannot or choose not to shop in our Brookside store right now, we thank you for your continued online shopping support. 
   And I can't say it enough times - YOU are an important part of what makes World's Window so special! THANK YOU!
Jan Signature

World's Window
"Nobody can define you like you."

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Street Mural Planned for Brookside

  The KCMO Council has endorsed a resolution supporting the creation of six Black Lives Matter street murals. Two of the designated locations are within the Southtown area - one at 63rd and Troost and one at 63rd and Brookside Blvd.

   To participate, more details on the fundraising efforts and volunteer guidelines for these murals can be found here. The design is slated for Saturday, September 5th.

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