October 6, 2020
Hotel Contactless Tech: What Will Stick and What Won’t?
Contactless technology is being adopted in hotels at breakneck speed to ensure safe operations. Not all tech is created equal though. Skift Research looked at what tech has the momentum to continue growing after the pandemic fades.
— Wouter Geerts of Skift

Conversational Hospitality: Enhancing the Guest Experience
By Benbria brought to you by

In a recent study performed by Gartner, it was projected that more than 2 billion consumers will use consumer messaging apps by 2019.'1
It goes without saying that messaging apps hold considerable value.

It’s the day after the presidential debate, and with an estimated 100 million viewers, chances are good someone at work will want to talk about it. The question, however, is should you talk about the debate, or politics in general, at work?

Programs, Services and Energy Efficiency Resources for the Lodging Industry
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The wrench in our engines that is COVID-19 required all hotels to upgrade their housekeeping standards so that our spaces were not only properly sanitized but also for guests to feel safe. Implicit to this was that customers would feel confident enough to book with us again.
Trust and confidence in these areas, as it is becoming apparent, do not necessarily lead to more searches and revenues.

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