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How To Clean Bare Wood with Wood Renew and Log Wash

Over the past few years we have discovered many things about cleaning wood. First and foremost is that chlorine bleach should never be used to clean your wood. In addition to its potential for damaging wood fibers, its use and misuse contributes to a number of problems including the loss of film adhesion, discolorations due to tannin extraction, and the formation of iron tannates, streaks, blotches, and premature failures of the finish system.

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Spring Cleaning & Inspection

One key for keeping your log home in tip-top condition is to take an hour or so once the weather turns nice to inspect the exterior of your home for signs of potential problems.

Wood Boring Beetles

There are literally hundreds of wood boring beetle species that infest live trees, but only a few that commonly create problems in log h omes. Occasionally a beetle larva that was in a tree when it was harvested will later emerge as an adult out of a log in a home but since these beetles can't re-infest dead wood, these types of infestations end within a few years. It's the beetles that specialize in consuming seasoned wood that present problems in log homes.

DIY Section

Last week we launched the DIY section on It's the go-to location for Tech Tips, product information, and application knowledge for Perma-Chink Systems products.

DIY Section
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