March 2019, Issue 4

WAV Group Newsletter
By Marilyn Wilson

Let’s face it…many of the most well-respected companies in real estate have not spent a lot of time on their logo in a LONG TIME! The industry is besieged with new players with huge marketing budgets and very contemporary branding. While a logo is not everything, it can certainly set the tone and tell others you’re evolving and that your brand is still relevant today.
By Victor Lund

For years, WAV Group has provided an industry update as a key component of our strategic planning process. The industry update serves to inform board directors of key strategic actions that are being explored around the industry. Some of these actions become trends, others provide improvements, and some crash and burn. Regardless of success or failure, change is always a learning opportunity.
By Victor Lund

The San Francisco Bay area MLSs are both fierce competitors and fierce cooperators. They have lots of brokers and agents who are members of more than one MLS, creating an environment of overlapping market disorder that typically drives consolidation. By cooperating with each other, they provide agents with reciprocal access through single sign-on to each other’s systems. They have also delivered on solutions that consolidate IDX feeds across multiple markets. It’s amazing.
By Kevin Hawkins

The role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in real estate has been accelerating. Real estate’s natural conversation AI leader OJO Labs of Austin announced $45 million in new funding. To borrow an analogy from advisor Ken Jenny – who once described OJO Labs as a “ Ferrari ” – AI is about to really take off in our industry as this sports car now has rocket fuel.