February 2018
Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Old Receiver?

It wasn't long ago receivers like these were state of the art and found in many homes. Technology has advanced, and now most of us keep our music library on a smartphone, computer or in the cloud.

We aren't hesitant to upgrade our televisions from boxy analog to flat panel 4K; so why are so many people holding onto old receivers that don't provide the sound quality or features we've come to expect from other devices? Even the highest quality receiver from a few short years ago can't compare to what today's Audio Visual receivers offer. 

What Are Some Benefits Of A/V Receivers? 

Of course better sound is at the top of the list, especially for digital files. Newer receivers can also expand music and video capabilities into different rooms, stream music wirelessly through bluetooth and remote control, offer 4K capability and much more! 

Compare our favorite SONY A/V receivers that come backed with a 5-year warranty, or contact us to upgrade your old receiver and hear the difference for yourself.  
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