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Aubin Pictures stands with the #prisonstrike, #August21. Striking inmates ended their 19-day national strike on Sunday, September 9, the anniversary of the Attica uprising, with a call to re-enfranchise the 6 million Americans who have been denied the right to exercise their democratic right to vote. Although the press was sketchy over these few weeks, you can find out the basics about the strike, the need, the demands, and more in the video here . Today, 2.3 million people are living behind bars. These are times of contrast, with extremes of heat and cold, and wonderfully progressive wins for candidates who stand for people and democracy. Stay with it to change it.

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​As we extend a warm welcome to our newest Board member, the brilliant author, mother, and activist, Jacqueline Woodson , we want​ ​to thank Catherine Lord for her indispensable support and faith ​over the last two decades, ever since ​Cat had the dream of this non-profit production company! While she leaves the position of board member, she promises to ​remain the amazing advisor and friend that​ she always has been. Thank you, Catherine, Sr.! You had our back when the rest of the body was still in formation!
We won the
CINDY - Robert Townsend Social Issues Award
for Dispatches from Cleveland !
This award, presented on behalf of the actor-producer-director Robert Townsend, is given to a film that introduces viewers to a serious problem and offers unique solutions to a social issue that is having a major impact on people. The award has been presented since the early 1990’s.We are glad Dispatches is out in the world making so many voices count!
Dispatches from Cleveland is streaming online, and right time in time for the elections. Head over to Amazon or Vimeo and give it a watch. Share the link among all your circles, and most importantly:

The film is also screening in Detroit, Michigan on November 9, 2018 at 9:15 am , as a part of Race Flicks , which is Race Forward's co-curation with Working Films. All of the films selected have immense potential to be used strategically by activists, organizers, and nonprofits in the work for racial justice. Get the word around to your friends in Detroit. And if you're at the convening, please be sure to come up and say hi to Elle, Arielle, and Cat after the screening!

Our brilliant and dedicated friends at Cleveland VOTES are hosting two watch parties and power dialogues about the film on September 22 and September 25 in conjunction with National Voter Registration Week. Get your tickets here .

"We Mexicans can be born
wherever the f**k we want."

~ Chavela Vargas

We were finally able to take Chavela to the land of her love and music. How amazing is our Mexican poster?

Over the summer, audiences in Mexico enjoyed the national theatrical release of Chavela and sang along, danced along, and cried along with La Señora.

We celebrate her love for the creative and passionate Mexican people and we are humbled by the brilliant reception she enjoyed in her adopted country!
L-R: featured performer Marcela Rodríguez and film advisor Diana Taylor in Mexico with Chavela!
It really makes our day when friends send us photos from their movie outings. Here is one from Mexico City! Diana wrote to us: "Marcela and I (and many friends) went to see Chavela at the Cineteca Nacional in Mexico City last week. It was a huge success and we went home, had a tequila, and sang in honor of Chavela and you!!"

The next time you are watching any of our films, please send us a photo!
Color of Change 's latest project #WinningJustice aims at holding prosecutors accountable, transforming our criminal justice system, and building power for our communities. 

The prosecutor accountability movement has developed a strategic approach to ending the most unjust, unconstitutional, destructive, and racist practices of prosecutors: money bail, over-charging, over-sentencing, over-policing the drug war, attacking immigrants, sending our kids to adult prisons, and keeping secrets about what’s really happening in their offices and in police departments. 

Head over to the Color of Change website and show them your love and support!
It has been 12 years since the NJ7 were arrested and charged. Seven young, Black lesbians who had no prior criminal history defended themselves and their friends against a violent, sexist, and homophobic attack. Their sentences ranged from 6 months to 11 years in prison. Patreese, who received 11 years, later reduced to 8 years, was the last to be finally released from parole on August 14, 2018.

Renata graduated from the Borough of Manhattan Community College with an Associate's Degree in Human Services this summer. Venice just married her long-time girlfriend in North Carolina. Patreese was invited to be a part of the new social justice focused initiative, Honors Living-Learning Community at Rutgers University. And Terrain is going on three years working for the TSA.

Despite their successes, they still struggle with the weight of having a violent felony records. Stable and reliable work is nearly impossible to find, which leads to difficulties in securing housing, college tuition, and in general, a sustainable life full of possibilities after incarceration. If you are in the New York or the New Jersey area and know of an organization or company that is hiring, one that accepts applicants with prior felonies, please reach out to the Out in the Night team.

If you haven't watched film yet, you can watch it, (or re-watch it!) on Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.
Heavily inspired by President Obama's Summer Reading List , Team Aubin decided to come up with our own Summer Watch List. Feel free to send us yours!
Yanett's Picks
Sorry To Bother You: "Grab your moral compass and get ready to cancel capitalism."

I Am Not Your Negro: "Turns the lens on the oppressor."
Arielle's Picks
Black Orpheus: "Brazilian adaptation of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, a classic for all seasons!"

We the Animals: "Incredibly beautiful coming of age film, lush, imaginative, heartbreaking."
Maya's Picks
Eve's Bayou: "A bayou full of magic, mysticism, and family secrets."

Spirited Away: "A fantasy film at its very best!"
Bedatri's Picks
Y Tu Mamá También: "I love coming of age movies. Also, who needs a reason to look at Gael Garcia Bernal?"

What Will People Say?: "Story of a Pakistani-Norwegian girl as she negotiates patriarchy, immigration and self-ownership. It's Norway's Oscar entry this year!"
FAMILIES BELONG TOGETHER! Mark Ruffalo and Common are speaking out in opposition to the Trump administration's failure to meet the court order to reunify all the families separated at the border by July 26. The video features children at the border, humanitarian workers who testify to how kids are still being kept in cages, and parents who are being forced to pay thousands of dollars to get their children back. Watch the full video and then head over to their website to find out how you can make a difference!
Cat recently met up with Xola in Cape Town, South Africa. Xola is a tree enthusiast and activist who has transformed his urban community by planting trees and food. In this clip, he delivers a special message dedicated to our favorite "Gangster Gardener" Ron Finley across the world in South Central, Los Angeles, and to all the beautiful trees in the world.

Aubin salutes the spirit of Xola, of Ron, of trees, and of young Sadie and Safiyah who delivered a very similar message 10 years ago, through our film What's On Your Plate?

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