Do you have outdated jewelry, loose diamonds or gemstones, unfashionable inherited heirloom pieces or old gold from the 80's taking up space in your jewelry box?  Tired of your wedding rings and dream of a new setting? Or have your diamond stud earrings "shrunk" over time and could use a boost? Then read on because this email is for you!!!

More than ever, my clients are breathing new life into their old jewelry by embarking on a "Jewelry Make-Over", during which I custom create new, beautiful pieces from their old jewelry, allowing them to enjoy these pieces once again in an updated, current design that they can wear often. It is a rewarding process that is also very cost effective! I greatly enjoy working together with each client during this creative process, to design an extra special piece or make a simple fix to a piece they treasure. 

It's a smart & savvy opportunity that is more popular than ever!

Please peruse the compiled images below of some of my favorite "Before & After" examples, to illustrate both easy fixes, to more advanced design changes, in order to provide you with an overall scope of the process. Some of the images have in depth explanations, to better define the modification and design process. The possibilities are endless and your old jewelry can be transformed into just about any new piece you desire!

Schedule a personal appointment or send an inquiry by email, text or phone call, to discuss your items and let's get brainstorming!

Christina Termine
This client was tired of having the north & south outer sharp points of her traditionally set marquise diamond continually catch on everything from clothing to scarves to customer's hair, as she is a hairdresser. The prongs of her diamond were very worn from much wear & tear. A non-traditional horizontal remount was suggested, as well as adding a "diamond halo" around her marquise diamond, to enhance the shape and volume, as well as additional sparkle! The result is simply gorgeous and the new setting fit perfectly with the original curve of her diamond wedding band, which received cleaning, polishing and new bright rhodium finish to make it brand new!
From 3 pieces of little worn jewelry, this client made 3 new pieces of jewelry to be worn every day. First, fine quality, multiple size diamonds were carefully unset, measured and weighed from her old rings and circle pendant. This client wanted necklaces that could be worn for every day and so the largest diamond was bezel set into a classic diamond solitaire pendant with 20 uniform size diamonds bezel set into a separate "diamonds by the yard" style necklace, with the 2 necklaces being able to layer and wear together! A non-traditional looking ring design was requested from the remaining, various size diamonds with many samples tried on by the client. A two-tone style combining yellow and white gold was selected for a more casual look with crisscrossing strands of gold. A custom made design by computer was generated for the client's approval and remaining diamonds bezel set for strength in daily wear, as well as to coordinate with the style of her new necklaces!
This client found her favorite pair of dramatic jade & diamond pierced earrings, from Diamonds On The Key, too heavy to continue wearing, after she recently had the holes in her earlobes stitched and re-pierced (service not offered by DOTK) from damage done by decades of wearing big heavy earrings. The client was parting with many old pairs of earrings but couldn't bear to no longer be able to wear her most favorite pair. So DOTK converted her earrings to "non-pierced". First, the volume or size of the top portion of the earring needed to be enlarged, in order for the new clip to have something of more significance to "squeeze" on the client's earlobe. Rose cut diamonds were meticulously sourced and matched in color & size to the existing diamonds on the earrings, with handmade bezels cast to match the existing ones. A wire textured ring was mounted to the back of the top of the earring, for better "grip" on the earlobe and new heavy duty, jumbo clip backs soldered to the earrings. The result was perfect allowing for the weight of the earring to be properly supported by the new clip system and allowing the client to continue enjoying her favorite pair of earrings, without further damage to her newly re-pierced earlobes.  
Earring jackets add extra enhancements to your otherwise, simple & classic earrings. They can alter the look of your earring set, turning stud earrings into dangle or drop earrings, or enlarging the circumference appearance. Diamond jackets are often detachable, giving you the ability to change your look from day to night in an instant! Our elegant collection of earring jackets include sparkling diamonds, captivating gemstones and can be custom ordered in Rose, Yellow or White 14k Gold.
A client recently inherited a chunky Men's gold ring, set with a 3+ carat, round brilliant cut diamond. Diamonds on the Key suggested resetting the diamond into a classic, floating solitaire pendant, by adding a 3 prong 'martini set' mounting and a 14k white gold cable chain. The client was thrilled and now has a beautiful, "new", timeless piece of jewelry that she can wear & enjoy everyday.
One client was so impressed by the red gemstone pendant “make-over” highlighted in a DOTK newsletter, that she gathered up her collection of loose gemstones, shown here in Aquamarine, Amethyst and Citrine, and asked to create a bracelet design. A “Maltese” style design was selected, cast in warm 14 karat yellow gold to compliment the tones of the gemstones, which were arranged and mounted in a pleasing pattern of various shapes and colors. The client was blown away when she picked up her new custom creation!
This client’s beautiful rose cut diamond charm bracelet was worn infrequently, as the decorative center element kept twisting around her small wrist. The 12 sections of rose cut diamonds, each surrounded by a halo of brilliant cut diamonds, made an ideal even proportion to split the bracelet in half and create of new pair of gorgeous, shoulder dusting earrings! 6 elements each side were reconfiguring into a pattern and heavy duty white gold clip backings added, in order to accommodate the client’s non-pierced earlobes. The result was stunning!
This client’s 3 separate rings kept twisting and turning on her finger and had yellowed over time due to the rhodium finish having worn off from friction and wear & tear.

To fix the twisting, the 3 rings were soldered together and they were refinished, bright and like-new. Missing diamonds were replaced and they were steam cleaned and polished.
The "bottom heavy" designs of the former mounting of this client's diamond stud earrings caused the earrings to "droop forward" on the client's earlobe. Excessively heavy prongs covered up the diamonds and made them uncomfortable to wear. The diamonds were reset into new 3 prong V martini settings, which follows the shape of the diamond's girdle down to its culet, in order to eliminate excess space between the diamond, mounting and earlobe. This achieves the diamond "sitting up" properly on the earlobe. We were even able to re-use the client's original threaded posts and jumbo screw backings, so that the "make over" was extremely economical!
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