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Is it true that you're sitting on a Pot of Gold?

"Everything in life is luck."  This quote comes from none other than the famous real estate investor Donald Trump !

With St. Patrick's Day here, LUCK has been on my mind.  I got to thinking about the role that luck plays in our financial success.  I tend to be of the opinion that you create your own breaks; in other words, I think hard work, smart choices and hiring professionals are what keeps us moving financially forward.
Especially when it comes to selling your home, there's a lot more at stake.  After all, your home is your most important investment & a bad decision or an unforeseen pitfall during your transaction could  mean a devastating financial loss or lawsuit.

But if I dig a little deeper, I can't escape the reality that a lot of success & failure in personal
finance is due to LUCK (Laboring Under Correct Knowledge = LUCK).
Previously only the affluent & elite knew how to earn 6% to 10% with investments that offer actual insurance, are secured and offer monthly cash flow! Now you too can capitalize on this secured investment vehicle & get LUCKY.  To learn more simply call me.

So what's the upshot to all of this? Should I quit all my planning and just give my financial fate over to the next four-leaf clover I find?  The truth is - a little bit of LUCK and hiring a credentialed, seasoned & accredited investor to help you is the right choice.

Call my office today to schedule a complimentary consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Lets create some LUCK together.
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From the Desk of Mr. Hector Padilla, President, Broker & Accredited Investor

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President, Broker & Accredit Investor
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