Hi All!

When I was a kid, I was confused about why adults were talking about beans all the time. What's a human bean? And why is well bean important? Luckily, I finally caught on and caught up.

This week we focused on well being, both in terms of your personal life and your business. On Monday, we talked about a seemingly simple question that can lead you to some interesting realizations. Read the post to find out what that question is. 

Hump Day made us think about the complex world of business relationships. AdWeek reported that McDonalds was engaging in seemingly unfair practices while vetting potential new agency partners, and one agency actually pulled out of the running. Are there times when business isn't worth having?

Finally, today, we talked about how helping your customers can help you in the long run. You just have to avoid making it seem obvious that helping your customers can help your business. 

That's it from us this week. We hope you have a fun weekend in store!

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