Do you think loyalty is dead?

If you do, think again.  Loyalty is a human characteristic based on emotional attachment and can be developed. The greatest leaders in the world do not demand loyalty; they create it through their actions and their words.

You cannot gain loyalty easily.  To be a leader truly worthy of loyalty takes hard work and a clarity of mind.  Who can follow a leader who doesn't know where he or she is headed? If you can inspire loyalty, it will be worth the effort when your members will follow you to the ends of the earth.

All teams, organizations, and IISE chapters hang together or fall apart because of loyalty, a devotion or allegiance to a group and a cause. Your members will succeed together or not at all.  Your members are EVERYTHING -succeed with them -fail without them.

"Great leaders inspire loyalty in their followers..." - Joe Lonsdale

How can you gain loyalty from your chapter members? 
1. Clarity helps you navigate your team. Be communicative and clear about your vision.
2. Never lie and be authentic- no one likes a phony.
3. Make sure every member knows he/she is as important as the next.
4. Don't throw anyone under the bus and protect your members from criticism.
5. Don't turn your back on anyone if they mess up.
6. Don't be "above" any work that needs to be done. Good leaders are right there in the trenches when called for.
7. Recognize that your members are human, dealing with "stuff" outside the chapter.  Caring creates loyality.  

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