July 2020
Why right now may be the right time
for women entrepreneurs.
Some of the world’s best companies were founded during the worst times. The pandemic has shut down economies, caused high unemployment and created a recession. But innovative biotech companies founded by women can find much-needed support in these uncertain times.

The Virtual SBIR Classroom is still open!
This new online training is live, interactive and extremely relevant. Find out more by contacting us at 734-930-9741 or info@bbcetc.com .
What happens
after the award?

You can’t do everything yourself. You need the right people
to help you move your company forward. But hiring the right people goes beyond simply finding them. Here are a few important things to consider .
DoD SBIR/STTR Virtual Symposium
Wednesday October 7, 2020
Learn how you can shape the future of innovation by discovering what SBIR/STTR programs can do for you and how to get the most out of them to create value for the Department of Defense.

Update from NSF: 
No more expedited review for COVID-19 Topics
Now that DCL 20-065 has been archived, NSF no longer will be conducting expedited reviews for COVID-19 topics. However, NSF continues to encourage solutions to COVID-19 related problems. 

 Expected release on July 13, 2020.  Topics can be found here.  

eRA Information for NIH applicants:
Overall Impact Score and Summary Statement(s) Available
to Signing Officials Starting June 24 
Effective June 24, 2020, summary statements and the overall impact score will be available on the eRA Commons  Status Information  screen to users with the signing official (SO) role. 


 Health & Human Services-NIH/CDC/FDA Omnibus
Clinical Trials not allowed:
PA-19-272  PHS 2019-02 SBIR-NIH, CDC, FDA
PA-19-270  PHS 2019-02 STTR-NIH
Clinical Trials required:
PA-19-273  PHS 2019-02 SBIR-NIH
PA-19-271  PHS 2019-02 STTR-NIH
Due to the holiday weekend, the standard close date is extended to September 8th.

Check  Notices of Special Interest  using search term "COVID" for competitive revision opportunities

Nat'l. Science Foundation
Submission windows:
Jun. 5, 2020 - Sep. 3, 2020
Sep. 4, 2020 - Dec. 3, 2020
NOTE: See NSF's  Dear Colleague Letter  for special instructions for COVID-19 SBIR/STTR topics.

Environmental Protection Agency
Open: Jun. 23, 2020  
Close: Aug 28, 2020

USDA FY 2021
Proposals due: October 23, 2020

Department of Defense
DOD 20.2 (SBIR topics) and DOD 20.B (STTR topics)

DARPA HR001120S0019, topic releases – 07, 08, 09, 10

DARPA HR001120S0019, topic releases – 11, 12, 13

• Pre-Application Submission Deadline: July 29, 2020 at 5 pm Eastern
• Application Submission Deadline: August 13, 2020  at 11:59 pm Eastern

Upcoming Training and Events
For the time being, most training is either canceled or being done virtually. Check the BBCetc Events Calendar for updates.
A bout BBCetc
BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting, LLC (BBCetc) works with technology-based entrepreneurs and companies across the U.S. on strategies to advance their R&D efforts to commercialization. The BBCetc team is nationally recognized for its success in helping clients secure federal funding through the SBIR and STTR programs. BBCetc services include research grant assistance, SBIR/STTR training and proposal development assistance, and grants and contract management.

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