Is proNGF just as Important as Mature NGF?
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There is a plethora of research on the significance of mature NGF and its implications in disease, however, are we perhaps forgetting its precursor isoform proNGF? In fact, research shows proNGF to be just as important as NGF and could have biomarker potential!

A recent study by Mossa et al. (2021) investigated the changes in NGF in overactive bladder syndrome (OAB), with their results contradicting published data. ProNGF/NGF ratios in OAB were twice as high as compared to controls, emphasizing urinary proNGF/NGF ratios are a better diagnostic tool than NGF alone.

Isoform-Specific Quantification of ProNGF and Mature NGF
Besides this exciting research outcome, the authors confirmed the unique capability of the Biosensis Mature NGF ELISA Kit to specifically quantify mature NGF only, without proNGF interference.
Specificity of NGF ELISA kit from Biosensis. Standard curve of NGF (from 3.9 to 250 pg/mL) was performed in the presence or absence of proNGF (500 pg/mL final). Equation of curves were not significantly different (n = 3). Adapted from Mossa et al. (2021), Figure 2.
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