Energy Equity
Helping customers who need it the most

Chelan County PUD offers some of the lowest electricity rates in the country. Still, we know that everyone needs a little help sometimes, now more than ever. That’s why we’re developing new energy-saving programs to help lighten the load. 

Our new programs will be focused on helping customers with the highest “energy burdens”—those who use 6% or more of their income to pay electric bills. By focusing our efforts on those who need it most, we’re improving equitable access to affordable energy for everyone in Chelan County.
Staying Home This Summer?
It might impact your electricity bills

While we “Stay Home, Stay Healthy,” our homes have been working extra shifts. We play, work and eat more from home, so electricity use has increased across the U.S. by around 20%. 

We’ve seen an increase in home electricity use here in Chelan County, too. This May, residential electricity use was about 5% higher even with a milder spring and this will likely increase in summer.
Keep Your Cool
Beat the heat with our favorite ways to stay fresh this summer while saving energy (and money!)
No-cost: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen
Try no-cook meal ideas, cook outside, use a microwave instead of a range or oven, or cook multiple meals at a time.

Low-cost: Beat the heat with sealing and ceiling (fans)
Seal around windows, doors and exterior ducts to keep hot air out and cool air in. Use a ceiling fan to move air and feel cooler without changing the temperature.

Upgrade: Time for a blast of new air conditioning?
Upgrade to an efficient heat pump or ductless heat pump and save on cooling this summer and heating in winter.

Plus, get up to $1,400 back from Chelan PUD.
Don't Sweat It
Virtual home audits are coming!

Want to know how to make your home more comfortable year-round and save on your electricity bills while you’re at it? Get a free personal home audit!

In a virtual walkthrough of your home, our energy experts will show you how to make your home more energy efficient, comfortable and healthy, while still social distancing. 

We’re rolling out virtual home energy audits later this summer. Click here and be the first to hear when virtual energy audits launch!
We're Here for You

Our lobbies remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but our energy experts are available by email or phone at (509) 661-8008. To reach our Customer Relations group, call (509) 661-8002.

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July 2020