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Welcome to the Fall, as we continue to wait for the market's other shoe to drop.

I recently returned from an inadvertent eco-vacation in upstate New York, visiting my brother, who works in environmental cleanup. He eats only from his garden and refuses to use air conditioning, dishwashers, or clothes dryers. It was a nice break from drought and fire, despite the abundance of eggplant, clothespins, and scratchy towels. Speaking of things environmental, check out the "Road to Decarbonization" below. Maine wins the prize with hydro, wind and biomass energy, but California sort of redeems itself with solar.

p.s. to Californians: Remember to vote before next Tuesday!

The S&P 500 Index has now been up seven months in a row. Isn't it time for a correction already? September and October are historically volatile for stock returns, so don't be surprised to see some pullback.

It bears repeating (pun intended) the old adage: the stock market is the only place where people run screaming from the store when things go on sale. If we do see a downturn, we'll be ready to snap up the bargains.

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