Wednesday February 6, 2019

Hello, my name is Jack. I’m nine years old, and I have a pony issue! My pony is a 13.2 Gypsy Vanner called Bonnie. She’s my best friend. Everything about her is perfect except her feet. From her knees down to her hooves is too dangerous for me. She freaks out bucking, pawing and jumps about. I want to be able to  pick my ponies feet up myself, instead of getting an adult do it!
Please help us! 
Thank you, 
Jack Ford


Dear Jack,

It might be a lot better to have an adult help you in the early going. Injuries to young horse people generally result in them moving away from horses. I don’t want you to be injured. I would suggest that an adult who has handled horses' legs before at least gives you a start on the process of solving the problem. If you go on my Online University you will find lessons on handling legs. I recommend an artificial arm be used before risking your own arm. There are directions on how an artificial arm is made. There is also a chapter in my textbook, From My Hands to Yours , on handling equine legs. It describes how I use the artificial arm.

Please remember that safety is a very important issue. 
Correction to my answer to Melvyn Carter

Dear Melvyn,

Thank you for sending me the story of your journey to take violence out of your enjoyment of riding horses. Unfortunately I read this too quickly and with an assumption in mind that you were going to ask how to justify the occasional use of the crop or whip. I read this part and jumped to conclusions which is something I try never to do: 
At the end of that hour I rode with no further use of the crop, and indeed, rarely ever used or even carried it again. For many years now, I always ride every horse without carrying a crop and almost always have no need to ask for one.
Your honesty is refreshing and I am glad you shared your inner dialog about respect for the trainers versus respect for horses. I hope you will forgive my haste and write me any time you need assistance finding alternatives to harsh training. 

Thank you,
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Do you think it is possible and realistic to have high level performance sport, or racing, with no whip use at the competition? What about no whip use at all, even at home?

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And Marty Irby began riding at age three and his love of horses grew into advocacy where he now serves as the chief lobbyist and Executive Director of Animal Wellness Action.