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•Shadelands employees ride free•

Shadelands has launched a bikeshare program with LimeBike , a San Mateo-based firm that has deployed 500 bright green smart-bikes in the 267-acre Shadelands business center enabled with GPS, 3G wireless technology, and self-activating locks.

Download the LimeBike app on your iPhone or Android . The app makes it simple to find, unlock, and pick up a nearby bike.

Sign up with your Shadelands company domain name and ride free - anywhere - in smart-bike fashion.

To ride free, your Shadelands company domain name must be registered with the Shadelands Bikeshare Program.

If your company's domain is not registered, click Contact Us and call or e-mail with your Shadelands company domain name.
Look who's hopping on a smart-bike!
(l-r) WC Councilmember Rich Carlston, WCPD Chief Tom Chaplin, WC Councilmember Cindy Silva, WC City Manager Dan Buckshi, and WC Councilmember Kevin Wilk
• The first "bicycle" was a "running machine," invented by German Baron Karl von Drais in 1817. Called a Draisine, it was powered by the rider's feet on the ground in lieu of pedals.

• Elena Bicker, Executive Director, Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF),was recently featured in Walnut Creek Magazine 's "Dynamic Forces." Elena cites ARF's Pets for Vets program, which was profiled in the November issue of The Shadelands Scene , as a pet passion of hers. Read her story here .

• Speaking of dynamic forces, the Beatles' first U.S. performance was 54 years ago this month on The Ed Sullivan Show , February 9, 1964. An estimated 73 million people watched that episode; 60% of televisions that were turned on were tuned in to the Beatles. Was yours?
Avid soccer player Mason Fish visited the Sports Medicine Center for Young Athletes at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals' Walnut Creek Campus at age 13 after experiencing an intense heel pain that could not be relieved with ibuprofen or ice. The diagnosis was Sever’s Disease, a growth plate injury unique to growing adolescent athletes and one that requires multi-dimentional treatment that differs from that for an adult who has Achilles tendonitis or plantar faciitis.

Over the course of two months, with intense physical therapy, deep tissue massage to reduce inflexibility, stretching, strengthening, and gradual running re-training, Mason was cleared to return to soccer and is playing and scoring goals pain-free.
Mason Fish is flanked by UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals assistant physical therapist Jamie Faison (l) and physical therapist Jessica Medros (r), who specialize in pediatric sports medicine and helped Mason get back on the field .
Here's what respondents said:

64% represented businesses that have been in Walnut Creek more than 10 years, with broad experience in fluid economic cycles.

60% of respondents have fewer than 20 employees, pointing to small business as a big part of our economy.

90% feel the local economy is going in the right direction.

79% feel sales will be higher next year.

54% feel the greatest hiring challenge is attracting and keeping employee candidates with appropriate skills, suggesting the need for leadership and skills-based training.

Takeaway: We can only strengthen and sustain economic growth if we grow and support our workforce.

The Joint Genome Institute (JGI) is hosting its 11th annual SWELL (Safety & Wellness) Fair, Wed., May 30, Noon-2pm, featuring vendor booths and demonstrations covering health & wellness, safety, and sustainability, both at work and at home. Organizers are expecting 500 visitors and are accepting vendor applications now. Click here for more information and click here for the application form.
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