Spring Real Estate Market Adapting To Changing Conditions

The Spring Cooldown is On
What a difference a few weeks makes in the Real Estate Market. After a torrid Jan-March, the Orlando housing market seems to be shifting towards at least somewhat of a more balanced market. The reason? The Federal Reserve is doing everything it can to pump the breaks on runaway inflation + overvalued home prices.

In turn, mortgage rates have seen their sharpest & quickest increase in the last 30 years recently, and the reality is that many buyers can no longer afford as high of a purchase price as they could just a short time ago. And conversely, sellers - particularly those in higher price points - are beginning to notice that their leverage is waning amidst a declining buyer pool (pricing appropriately actually matters again).

So where do we go from here? Well, Orlando has been in such a severe inventory deficit over the past year that homes valued below $500K will likely continue to appreciate albeit at a much slower rate going forward. And with rates also expected to increase even further, buyers who are financing may want to purchase sooner rather than later.

But there's no doubt that the market is cooling as rates rise, recession talk intensifies, and inventory slowly improves. Stay tuned!
Companies Buying Homes To Rent
Corporations like Goldman Sachs, Marriott, Black Rock and more are hoping to turn the American Dream of home ownership into one of renting. Goldman Sachs just bought an entire 87 home subdivision in Palm Bay and Marriott recently announced plans to jump into the private home rental market as well.

It's a concerning trend that emerged from the scorching hot market - one where companies with deep cash pockets outbid local homebuyers and turned those properties into rentals. At the same time, however, this trend also tells us that corporations believe in the long term stability of the Central Florida housing market. Either way, it's likely here to stay.
Attention Real Estate Investors
Want to become a Real Estate Investor but you would prefer to start small and/or you don’t want to manage a property yourself? Then check out Arrived.com, which just launched this month.

The platform offers everyday investors the opportunity to purchase shares in one of their privately owned properties that generates monthly income and rewards shareholders with a portion of the proceeds. All of the initial properties sold out within minutes so keep checking for new releases if you’re interested!
So Many New Openings!
Homestate Brewing recently opened in Hamlin

Windermere Brewing opens this month!

DG Doughnuts has moved to Downtown Ocoee. Also check out Pelican’s SnoBalls next door!

Dr. Phillips – Sixty Vines Wine Bar is coming later this year! And London House on Sand Lake is now open to the public (after 5pm)

Mangoni Winter Garden is also now open - high-end pizzas/salads with cocktail bar and Hangry Bison is next door.
Navigating a Complex Market
There's no denying that deals have been tough to come by in early 2022. Frankly, it has been an extremely difficult market to operate in. But some creative strategies & our determination to fight hard for our clients is paying off! Here our some of our latest deals!

6461 Swanson St. - Windermere
Pending (Buyers) - Last Ask $1.3 Million

1457 Saddleridge Dr - Metrowest
Sold $515K - VA / Backup Offer
(1% of deals closing VA)

854 Assembly Ct - Reunion
Sold for $330K ($15k over ask)

We also have some additional off-market projects in the works. Just let us know if there's something in particular that you are looking for!
Thank you as always for your support! Please reach out any time if we can assist you or someone you know!