What happened to the recession?
Despite predictions of falling prices in winter, multiple offers are back
But not everywhere. If you plan to follow trends in order to save dollars on home purchases - don't. Typically prices fall in winter months but with strong job markets and very low inventory there was a peak in bidding for homes in the High tech corridor where jobs are plentiful - Sunnyvale, Santa Clara and North to San Francisco. Anticipate a HUGE spring of buying and selling because sellers who have held up rushing to the market due to 2019 corrections will finally be listing, and buyers who held back in 2019, now eager to own homes, are making offers. Campbell and Palo Alto increased in value this year despite a slight decrease in values elsewhere overall. If you are thinking of moving to Morgan Hill the inventory is high, the homes large and the area improving for amenities in general - prices falling. I suspect that for most of you working high paying jobs you can expect that what ever buyers gained in the last few months will reverse this winter.
Lower than expected inventory means bidding wars are back this December
With Elliot back here to tell us that the economy looks good, trade deals are stable and some resolution has occurred. Stock market OK, inflation down and unlike last year the government will not shut down.
For us that itemize giving is easier than from from those who don't. With less tax incentives for charitable spending contributions have decreased almost 50%. Make someones holiday brighter.
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