What is the "New Better?"

As vaccines are rolling out, it’s the time to step back, re-evaluate and decide what is the “New Better” for your organization.

Our most recent Pulse Report shows what CEO's are thinking about as they consider what will work best for their organizations moving forward.
The Crothers Consulting Team continues to grow...
Janet M. Neal is among the newest members of the Crothers team. She calls herself a “Reformed Superwoman” who has learned how to lead a “should free”, productive, joyful, and powerful life, and believes all people can do the same.

Early in her corporate career she established the first work/life balance corporate program in New Jersey.
Twenty years ago she left the corporate world to address these issues through corporate workshops and trainings, as well as working with individuals. She now brings that experience to Crothers Consulting as a Coach & Trainer.
Wendy Van Besien is also a new Coach & Trainer with TeamCrothers. She has over 20 years of experience in marketing, strategy, change management and operational excellence.  

Her personal philosophy is to lead into people’s strengths and uncover what’s holding them back. Using positive psychology tenets, Wendy taps into understanding brain science to help her clients build awareness of underlying dynamics, enhance interpersonal skills, elevate executive presence and build high performing teams.
Welcome to Janet and Wendy!

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