FaciliWorks Express Newsletter - September 2020
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Industry News
What Should You Do if There's a Positive Coronavirus Case in Your Facility?

The one eventuality for which communication is most crucial is if an employee at your facility tests positive for COVID-19. For much related to this pandemic, it’s almost become cliché to say “there is no playbook for this,” says Stormy Friday, president of the Friday Group. “The CDC guidelines seem to change as often as you change a baby’s diaper,” she says. “The best advice is to start at the most stringent guidelines and work backwards.”

Indeed, in the instance of a positive test, every organization absolutely must have a very specific and very stringent playbook...

Read the full story on facilitiesnet.com
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Tech Tip
Asset Locations

It's imperative to always enter each asset's location information within the Data Administration -> Assets -> Information tab of FaciliWorks 8i. The Current Location field will either display the asset's storage location or if the asset is currently issued out to a staff member, it will display that person's Staff ID.
When a preventative maintenance event is created in FaciliWorks 8i, the PM draws data from the asset record. So, when a technician accesses FaciliWorks 8i Mobile and pulls up the PM event, it will include the asset's current location information, ensuring that the technician is working on the correct asset.
We encourage you to explore the additional capabilities of your FaciliWorks software and as always, keep an eye out for future Tech Tips.
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