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Chef Spotlights
Why the Mediterranean Diet is the Best
Becoming a Certified Nutrition Coach
Harissa Basil Salmon Recipe
Personal Chef Services - Beyond your typical services
Sandi Star Wellness and Fighting Cancer with Food
~ Chef Spotlight ~
In Orange County...
Chef Dan - Chefs Dan has a Nutrition Coach certification with the National Acadamy of Sports Medicine. Specializing in low carb, low sodium, vegan, paleo and plant based diets Dan is always learning new diets. 

"I felt that an important aspect of the service that we can provide to our clients is to have a deep understanding of specific diets and how they can best be applied. As well as helping clients to sift through all of the good and bad diet/nutrition information that is out there so they can make smart decisions for their personal wellness" ~ Chef Dan
In Las Vegas...
Chef Whitni - Chef Whitni graduated from The Art Institute OC, with Dean’s Honors. She has been a private chef/personal chef and caterer for over 28 years, working in the homes of Palo Alto for 20 years before returning to her home town, Orange County. She now resides in Nevada.
In San Diego...
Chef Logan - Logan is a firm believer that genuine hospitality is always the most important part of any meal, and that clients should feel the Chef’s love of their craft through the food that they make.
Whole Health Everyday's Featured Health Tip
Is There A Single BEST Diet?

When I talk with my clients, other health professionals, even friends and family, I am asked a lot of questions about cooking and food. The most common question by far is: what’s the best diet?
Whole Health Everyday's Featured Recipe
A recipe by Chef Dan to feed your soul and your body. This is a meal where the nutritional value and the flavor come together in perfect harmony. Enjoy!

Beyond your typical meal delivery....
This is a service where our chefs prepare meals in your home for you to enjoy throughout the week. The chef can make dinners, lunches, breakfast, and snacks! Whatever you need, our chefs will be there to work one on one with you in order to create a custom menu and experience to fit your needs.
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Beyond your typical catering service...
 Are you craving the restaurant experience right now? Did you know you can get that same experience in your home with one of our chefs? We will work with you and all of your dietary needs/preferences to provide a world class dinner from the comfort of your home. Healthy or Gourmet, we have a chef for you!
All WHE chefs are now required to wear gloves, masks, and booties while working in your home. We practice the highest level safety procedures for your safety.
About Sandi Star, HHP, CNC, CCMH
Sandi specializes in functional nutrition and wellness with a focus on addressing the underlying triggers of inflammation by incorporating a comprehensive evaluation and laboratory testing as needed. Sandi’s primary focus is treating and preventing disease and dependency on pharmaceuticals. Sandi incorporates naturopathic therapies, lifestyle and nutrition counseling.
Sandi is the author of Beyond Gluten – A Healing Transition and has written articles for several online publications.
Sandi Star, as a guest blogger on our website, has shared how to fight cancer with food and how specific ingredients can aid in that fight.

"This article is to inspire us to take control of our health as a preventative measure against cancer and for those who are experiencing cancer now, we hope to empower you with some nutrition and lifestyle information you can use now."
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