Proper Email Etiquette During the COVID-19 Crisis
Hey there,

As we continue to watch our universe shift on a daily basis, things are shifting quickly - including how people are responding to emails about COVID-19.

Jeff Beer wrote in a recent article for Fast Company that " The best way that brands should be responding is if they actually have something to say or contribute."

In other words, don't send a COVID-19 response just because everyone else did. And don't pretend it's business as usual - because it's simply not for most people and businesses.

Take a look at your communication and social strategy and make sure your tone and material still fit today's conditions.

How Frizz Marketing will be using our channels:
  • I will continue to provide resources and best practices to help you market your business and update your strategy.
  • I will work to help elevate the message of other small businesses during a particularly difficult time.
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I hope you, your families, and colleagues are well. Have a good week.

Tracy Jensen