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February 10, 2019
Does Doubt mean I don’t have faith?
What if I have doubts about my faith?
What happens when I do think God is irrelevant? How can I reconcile my doubt with my faith?
We continue our series Reason to Believe with the question; Does doubt mean that I do not have faith?

Exploring New Hope- THIS Sunday, February 10th, 12-2:30pm
Ready for a new beginning? Join Pastor Jordan for “Exploring New Hope!” This is a quick-paced overview of how New Hope can be a helpful place for you and your family. If you are considering joining New Hope, or simply want to know more about what we have to offer, this class is for you. We will meet in the Castle Rock Room. Please click here to register.
Are You Ready for an Oasis? Next meeting is THIS WEEKEND!
The theme for this week’s Oasis is “Waking Up”
Are you ready for a place to “center down” and re-connect with God? How about with yourself? You might want to check out our Oasis events, held on 2 nd & 4 th Sunday evenings, 4:45-6:30 in the Sedalia Room. Oasis is a time to deepen our connections with God, and explore the sacred in our every-day lives. We gather for thoughtful discussion, contemplative practice and fellowship around a simple meal.  RSVP for February 10th
66 Club, Sundays during the 10:45 service!
3rd through 6th graders are invited to learn about all 66 books of the Bible with Sandi Gager. Head downstairs at the beginning of the 10:45 service. Please register your child here.
Theology on Tap- Tuesday, February 12th, 7-9pm
Join Pastor Jordan for a continued conversation on the current political climate and where we can find common ground.
How DO WE read the bible?!?!
New Pastor's Class with Jordan, Sundays 10:45am - 12pm February 17, 24, & March 3
As much as parents and youth leaders may love the Bible, we often don’t know how to handle it. Is there more than one way to read and study the Bible? How can we engage the Bible so they'll want to keep reading? How can reading the Bible be a spiritual experience, not just an educational exercise? This class is for anyone who has struggled to know how to open the Bible with young people in large groups, small groups, Sunday school, mentoring relationships, or as a parent. Please RSVP for the class here.
Ash Wednesday Experience, Wednesday, March 6th
On March 6, readers/silence/piano and cello will provide an Ash Wednesday experience from 6:30-7:30pm in the Sanctuary for choir and anyone else who would like to commemorate the day. (no ash, no oil)
Voices of Hope Podcast- Happy 30th Birthday New Hope!
Check out the video cataloging New Hope's 30 years here!
Find all of New Hope's sermons and our Voices of Hope series. Listen to interviews with different members of our church about how faith intersects with their lives.