I know these past weeks have been unsettling, but there are two important happenings that I want to make sure you are aware of: the Census and Absentee Voting.

The Census determines how much federal funding comes back to our state and local community. That's the funding for education health care, housing, emergency services, infrastructure, COVID-19 support and more. When you are counted, our community benefits.

It's possible to complete the census by mail , phone, or online. Here's the on-line link to make sure you and your household are counted.
Hello, I am running for SC House 115 in the Democratic Primary and in the Special Election on Tuesday, June 9. I'd very much appreciate your vote.

With COVID-19 we have a safer way to's called Absentee Voting in South Carolina. Take these 7 steps now and your ballot will arrive at you home by mid-May.

  1. Go to and request an absentee voting application under the Voter Tab. Designate the Democratic Party, check your reason, and check the 6/9/2020 Primary Election Ballot and download the Application.
  2. Fill it out and sign it.
  3. Scan and email it to:
  4. Or...Mail the Application to Chas. Board of Elections, PO Box 71419, North Charleston, SC 29415.
  5. Or...FAX it to: 843-974-6419
  6. Receive you ballot around mid-May. Fill it out and SIGN IT!
  7. Mail back your ballot no later than Friday, June 5 (its also the last day ballots can be mailed to you).

If you need help, please call Carol at 843-795-7857 or the Election Commission at: 843-744-8683
If you care about the education, healthcare, the environment, housing, infrastructure, redistricting and other important issues, I hope you will consider supporting our campaign. Thank you for joining me.
Together we can flip this seat.
Let's Win This