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Breadboards are still the go-to gadgets for prototyping, but many newer parts are only being offered in surface-mount packages. Is the day of through-hole PCBs done or nearly done, or can you still make everything you need without resorting to using a modified toaster or heat gun?  

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Warchdog Timers
Watchdog timers are an excellent way to insure that a microcontroller-based system continues to operate unattended if occasional failures occur. These circuits monitor the operation of the microcontroller and its software and restart it if a problem is detected.

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Good Circuit Board Design
Designing a circuit board for ease of manufacturing can help insure your project stays on schedule and the redo's are left for someone else. You have control over at least some parts of the making process.

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Stop by our Tech Forum and weigh in on some issues. We know y'all got skills and opinions. This is the place to share some knowledge or play Stump the Nuts & Volts Readers.

Data Transfer Dilemma
One of my elderly friends (early 80s) came to me with an antiquated product called "The Electronic Rolodex 128k."...
Video Basics
Video Basics
Although there are many variations and implementation techniques, video signals are just a way of transferring visual information from one point to another. The information may be from a VCR, DVD player, broadcast channel, cable television, satellite system, the Internet, or one of many other sources.

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Low Cost, Quick Turnaround Prototyping!
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Smiley_s Workshop_
Smiley's Workshop 47
C Programming * Hardware * Projects

Now that we're done with C pointers (whew!), we will study a C topic related to pointers: arrays. As a reward for our patience with the theory, we'll build another project using the chaser lights kit: a POV (Persistence Of Vision) wand. 
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3D Printing and CNC Fabrication with SketchUp
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3D Printing and CNC Fabrication with SketchUp          

Model and print your own 3D creations using SketchUp! Get up and running fast in the consumer design and fabrication world using the hands-on information in this guide. 3D Printing and CNC Fabrication with SketchUp features step-by-step tutorials of fun and easy DIY projects. Learn how to create your own 3D models, edit downloaded models, make them printable, and bring them to physical life either on your own printer or through an online service bureau.
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  • Download and install SketchUp on your Mac or PC
  • Navigate the interface and SketchUp's native design tools
  • Download design and analysis tools from the Extension Warehouse
  • Edit models downloaded from the 3D Warehouse and Thingiverse
  • Import and export STL files
  • Analyze your projects for 3D printability
  • Set up, use, and maintain a home 3D printer
  • Work with AutoCAD, 123D Make, 123D Meshmixer, and Vetric Cut2D
  • Generate files for CNC cutters
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