July 2016

Does your church need a capital campaign, but you're missing the vision component to make it happen? Many campaign consultants won't help these churches. They take the easy campaigns - those that already have a vision in place.
In this issue, we explain why Church Campaign Services wants to help church congregations find their vision. We also provide a case study outlining how a real church created its campaign vision and carried out its mission.

Is your church lacking vision?
Church Campaign Services wants to help you.

I recently heard that one of our competitors made a bold statement that they wouldn't act as consul for a church that didn't have a vision from which their campaign had emerged. Right, and I'll bet they don't attend a church that has sinners in the pews either.
Anyone who has ever assisted a church in a capital campaign knows the easiest campaigns are those where a vision process has already taken place. And, if you want to look good, you limit your efforts to those churches that have all the cards in their favor. But what about the other 90% of churches: Do you abandon them?
Not if you're part of Church Campaign Services, where we
see our task as meeting each congregation on its Stewardship/Discipleship journey where they are currently comfortable, and moving them along that spectrum. That's why we assist in helping churches discern their Spirit-led vision, or at least get them close enough to know that they are called and now they must respond. It's why we have practices to turn a campaign goal into an actual plan, and to be frank enough to talk about money and its role in our spiritual maturation. We also know it's the easy way out to just hand out pledge cards and let people make their own decisions, but where is the challenge of Spirit if that happens?
Church Campaign Services' consultants have been working in the church for years to develop the skill set to assist congregations and pastors in learning and practicing these techniques. Visioning, member feedback, how to ask for money, and a host of other subjects are open to discussion during a campaign. If your congregation is not already perfect, maybe you need to call us today.

Case Study: Reflecting a Church's Vision and Values

Want to learn more about creating a compelling vision for your stewardship campaign? Find out how a real church congregation accomplished its Spirit-led journey. Read our blog: Case Study: Reflecting a Church’s Vision and Values.

To talk more more about planning for a successful church capital campaign, please call Church Campaign Services at 
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Yours in Christ,

Bob Kukla
Church Campaign Services

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