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What does your dating "road map" look like?
My coaching has been deeply influenced by my own period of online dating. I think of that time as a "challenging and wonderful discovery point" in my life. Not only did I become an expert at online dating back then, I figured out how to have fun while doing it. And it led me to meet and marry my husband.
Dating and relationship coach Christine Baumgartner has helped hundreds of individuals and couples successfully through their dating and relationship processes. She is an expert at listening to who you are and then using that knowledge to help you explore your dating and relationship needs.
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Many women tell me how they would really like to be in a relationship. And, in almost the same breath they say they don't want to date (or are tired of dating) because:  
  • They're afraid they'll get hurt AGAIN. 
  • They KEEP meeting men who are all wrong for them. 
  • It's TOO much work and so little reward.  
  • They DON'T want to be a nurse or a purse for a man.
  • MEN don't know how to act / dress / talk / write a profile.
Often the reason we continue to use our time and energy to date badly and not reach our goal of a wonderful relationship is because we don't have a good dating road map. Or maybe we're using a faulty one (one that consistently leads us to the wrong type of man for us).  
The difficulties of living without a good dating road map...
I get it. It's a lot of work to date:
  • Looking through profiles, emailing, talking on the phone, and doing the arduous hair and makeup ritual.
  • And then going on more dates to find out about them.
  • Deciding what to tell them about yourself.
  • Figuring out when to have sex.
  • Hoping all of this will ultimately lead to your goal of getting a relationship off the ground.
And then sadly - after you've done all that work and the date or relationship turns out badly (and if this continues to happen with every date/relationship) - then of course the work of dating feels like an exhausting waste of time and energy.
I know this because I was single for 25 years between my marriages and went on many, many dates and definitely had relationships that didn't work out.
Let's imagine how it might feel to date with a good dating road map.
Let's look at dating and your goal of a relationship as an anticipated drive from your home to one of our beautiful coasts.
Without a road map, you'd just get in your car and start driving - no directions, no hotel reservations, no idea where gas stations are, no awareness of pitfalls or even potential beautiful sights.
And, with a faulty road map (the one you've used so many times in the past), you'd again be directed to hotel rooms filled with lots of baggage, gas stations that are out of gas or are exorbitantly overpriced, sudden detours, cancelled reservations, and cliff-hangers at each turn.
I do understand you could accidentally stumble upon some new and different good things by going on a journey without a road map.
However, because you and I have dated this way so many times, we know (without a map or with a faulty one) our journey usually (1) contains lots of wrong turns, (2) we'll sometimes feel unsure and unsafe, and (3) discover later (and sadly) that we missed lots of beautiful sights.
And eventually we decide that driving to the coast is hard and complicated, and wonder why we would ever want to do that again. If it happens too many times, we give up.
Is this how your dating experiences have felt? 
Now imagine that you've done some work ahead of time and have a personal dating road map designed just for you and your dating journey. 
Let's say that you've talked to someone who has successfully made this trip, and you've worked with them to create your own personal dating road map:
  • You now have a road map with a clear destination in mind and the instructions for getting there. 
  • You've learned new skills to ensure you'll recognize potential problems ahead of time and know how to handle them.
  • You know how to continue going in the right direction for you (and how to avoid going in the same wrong direction ever again).
  • You feel confident that you finally understand what men think and what they want. 
  • You know you'll make good choices because you've learned to trust your instincts. 
  • You know you'll meet men whose company you'll enjoy and you'll ultimately reach your relationship destination feeling confident.  
Bottom line, you have a plan now. And because of that, you're able to take some detours that will be beneficial to your trip without being concerned about the consequences.
You know you finally have what you need to get to the relationship destination you've been waiting for.
This is how dating with a good plan feels.
Just like a road map for a driving trip - a dating road map that includes some planning ahead of time will make your experiences (1) take less work and (2) be less complicated. A dating road map can also help you find and keep a wonderful relationship
If you'd like a custom dating road map designed just for you - one that will help you reach your goal of fun and interesting dates and that ultimate destination of a loving relationship - click here for your complimentary coaching with me. Or, send me an email. I'd love to hear from you! 
Because I've gone down the same unfulfilling dating road you have and had the same unhappy results, I'm happy to tell you that when I finally created a good dating road map for myself - that's exactly what led me to meet and marry my husband. I hope you'll give me the opportunity to create one for you, too.  
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