July 2018 Newsletter
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Now that we have had a moment to breathe after the end of the school year, it's time to set sights on goals and aspirations for the next year. One of the ways BGP supports schools in achieving their dreams is by developing a baseline picture that demonstrates where a program stands at this moment in time. We aren't looking to blame anyone or point out wrongs, but simply to determine the starting line so that schools can monitor progress and evaluate program outcomes. To share a long held secret, establishing a baseline starts the process of engaging employees and stakeholders in the program which is the real key to success. Using all the skills and brain power of your people brings solutions to the forefront and victories to the program.
Featured Article
Establishing a Quantitative Baseline
If you don’t have a clear picture of where you are right now, how can you monitor progress or determine where you are going?
We often assume we know, but facts and data show our perceptions are not always accurate. We guess how much food kids are throwing away, what students eat the most, or what menu items cost the least. Then we make menus we think kids like, believe we are improving, and hope that we are operating within budget. However, by establishing a baseline with data relevant to your goals you will know with certainty where you stand, and then be able to make the best decisions for your program to achieve success. Painting a clear picture of the program status also creates opportunities to identify needs and seek funding to meet your goals.
New Course For Cafeteria Managers, School Administration, and Key Stakeholders
Using 15 years of helping schools transition to scratch-cooked, local food programs driven by kitchen efficiencies, data, and making delicious food, Chef Greg and his team created a course for schools to follow at their own pace to create a farm to school cafeteria program.

Click HERE for more information about Dream a New Dream: Operational Manual for Farm to School Programs.
School Food Resources
The Farm to School Census

The USDA Farm to School Census provides data relevant to Farm-to-School programs on the United States as a whole, individual states, and individual districts.

Prevent Food Waste with LeanPath Technology

LeanPath provides food waste tracking systems which enable foodservice professionals to dramatically reduce food waste, lower food costs, and operate more sustainable facilities.
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Greg Christian