What is the Purpose of Chinking?
Log Home Interior

Since its invention in 1981, Perma-Chink log home sealant has been the leader in making log homes comfortable, weather-tight, and energy efficient. Millions of homes around the world are sealed with the first sealant that looks like traditional concrete mortar, but stretches and moves with seasonal log movement to ensure a tight seal to eliminate air and water infiltration or infestation by insects.
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Log Home Chinking FAQs 

As far back as log cabins go, there have been all sorts of attempts to seal out water and other undesirables. Wood slats were placed in between the logs at an angle, these slats were then covered with mud, or a combination of mortar mixed with horsehair or whatever else could be found. In the Northeast section of the USA oftentimes tree moss would be soaked in water and driven into any openings that it could be pounded into. Also in the Northeast, roofing tar or oakum would be used as chinking as well.

How to Apply Energy Seal

Energy Seal™ is specially formulated for sealing narrow gaps in log home joinery such as butt joints, window trims, door trim and corners. These gaps should be no larger than one inch wide. Energy Seal contains a fine aggregate that gives it a texture which enables it to more closely match the texture of wood and accept a stain, so that it will blend in with the stained wall color if so desired. Although it can be used in wider joints, we typically recommend using Perma-Chink® Log Home Chinking for wide chink joints

Using Log Gap Caps and Energy Seal

Did you know 90% of water leaks in log homes occur due to improperly sealed window and door openings?  Log Gap Cap  and  Energy Seal  system provides a flexible, and repairable, caulking seal and is the only method that really works.

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