Fall Has Officially Arrived:
Is Your Oven Ready for the Cooking Season?

If you're hosting dinner for family & friends this holiday season, begin preparing your oven  now  so you're not left scrambling last minute when an issue arises. 

Follow the link below for tips on how to do prepare your oven for the holidays.

Simple and Healthy Dinner Ideas
Perfect for Busy School Nights

Are you in a rush on school nights? Here are a few dinner ideas to lighten the load. They're delicious, healthy, and easy to whip up in no time:

Attention: Read This If You've Recently Bought a New Appliance!

It's important to know how your manufacturer's warranty works so you're ready if your appliance needs to be repaired. Some of the details in the fine print  may surprise you...

Save yourself some time and money by reading our blog, " 4 Things You Don't Know About the Manufacturer Warranty."
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