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What is your process?
Are you taking your clients through a pleasant process?  Or are you talking at them about things they may not really care about?  Use the 30 Minute Appointment to help structure your appointments so your clients are happy to refer you!

Quick Review of the Medicare Cafe
The Medicare Cafe in 1:10!

5 Things Your Clients Care About:
  • How much will this cost me every month?
  • Can I see my doctor / provider?
  • How much will it cost me to see them (plus any additional charges)?
  • Are my drugs covered and at what cost?
  • Can I use [name] hospital and how much will that cost?
Remember your clients will remember about 10% of what you say.  Make sure you highlight what they need to know!

My Personal Book Club
Yes I have a book club with my friend Josh.  Yes we meet at a bar to discuss with others (it is an after hours thing).  Yes, it is awesome.  Here is the book we are reading:
Have a good book you are reading?  Let me know!   Email me!

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Medicare Cafe Archives
Miss a week of the cafe?  We are archiving our past meetings!
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