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Team Divided?
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Is Your Team Divided?
What do these headlines have in common?

  • Country group Florida Georgia Line ‘good’ after rumors that differing political views caused brief social media rift
  • 1 in 5 Americans (22%), including 35% of Millennials, know a couple whose marriage or relationship has been negatively impacted specifically due to politics.
  • Executives struggle to fully adopt a viable digital transformation model that leverages remote work and values employee happiness.
  • Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials working closely together sometimes have difficulty getting along.
  • You May Be Biased and Not Know It 
  • House divided- UGA wife, GA Tech spouse

Each statement speaks to the growing divisions we see in our teams: our work teams, our family teams, and our neighborhood teams. With society so divided along almost every line, how do we bring our workplace teams together?

Communication is the foundation of understanding others. And acknowledging the different ways we communicate and think makes a huge difference in the way we perceive others. We see many efforts in the community to bridge these gaps between opposing views. Two groups you might want to learn more about are Civic Dinners and the Atlanta Friendship Initiative.
Division in the Workplace

So how do we bring our workplace teams together? How do we learn to communicate more respectfully? How do we uncover unconscious bias? How do we heal divisions? How do we become more emotionally intelligent? How do we make sure that remote workers and in office workers feel the same level of engagement?

One answer may be to look for a trusted partner to help you assess your team's strengths, weaknesses, personalities, communication styles, work styles, personal stories, etc. A team workshop to highlight the different ways that our teams experience the world and to embrace the strengths and attributes that each person contributes is an option.

In this newsletter, you will see thoughts and ideas about teams. Well designed workshops and team building projects can be a strong step toward healing the divide. We hope you gain some interesting ideas from this newsletter.
Upcoming TLG Events

  • Nov 20 Virtual Women in Leadership Seminar-Hala Moddelmog speaker- Complimentary

Tino's Corner

Terminate Them if You Can’t Get Your Way – Not Today/Not Ever
By Tino Mantella, TLG President & CEO 

"We had a good many successes at AF, but at the end of the day I didn’t succeed. Looking back, I would say that it was one of the best things that ever happened to me, in the business world. " READ MORE
Special Offers
Virtual Team Building Workshop
Part 1
Assessment/Survey & Debrief

Whether you are looking to evaluate your team for remote work, team communication, leadership character, unconscious bias, or more.

TLG offers an array of assessments or surveys to evaluate team strengths and development areas.
Part 2- Team Exercise
Team Building with Taste
Build camaraderie and connect with your team through a virtual cooking competition. There is no better venue for collaboration and cohesion than a kitchen.

Team members can join from their own kitchens on Zoom and a chef will guide you through the meal preparation.
IDEA Coaching Certification
IDEA Coaching Certification

Turknett Leadership Group (TLG) is now offering the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity in Action (IDEA) Coaching Certification program.

  • 11-12-2020 Class Kickoff- Sessions begin 12-3

  • Next Class Q1 2021- To pre-register, please reach out to Tino Mantella, TLG CEO & President at or 678-984-8528. 
Leadership and Decision Making
Master Story Experience:
Find Your Purpose, Power & Voice
Thursday, Dec.10

  • Boldly galvanize your imagination to create an exciting and rewarding professional future
  • Enliven every aspect of your professional career, every decision, and every relationship
  • Transform any difficulty into a story of possibility
  • Live with a greater purpose and focus
C O N T A C T  U S
Tino Mantella, TLG President and CEO
Causes of Division in the Workplace
Top Reason for Division in the Workplace
October Poll Results:
In regards to leadership, who would you consider to be the top three presidents?

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. John F. Kennedy
  3. Tie: Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama
Building Relationships of Alignment and Commitment

Building Relationships of Alignment and Commitment
through Everything DiSC®

by Anne Quiello
TLG Senior Consultant

"Studies have demonstrated that the most effective way to gain commitment and cooperation of others is to ‘get into their world,’ and to discover not only what they have in common but also to understand what could be differences in interpersonal styles that get in the way of alignment. Every hour in every day the intent and meaning of a communication exchange is missed, lost, or rejected based solely on another’s style that is different than our own. "READ MORE
Whole Brain® TEAM Thinking-
40 Years of Brain-Based Global Research and Scientific Validation

Whole Brain® TEAM Thinking – 40 Years of Brain-Based Global Research and Scientific Validation

by Marty Gupta
TLG VP Strategic Services

"Here are three examples of insights provided by HBDI that resulted in significant outcomes for our clients:
  •  Conflict Resolution –Large healthcare company
  •  Diversity and Inclusion - Senior Team leading technology company
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration - Executives in fast-growing IT professions services co. "
Interdepartmental Conflict Impacts Customer Satisfaction
Interdepartmental Conflict Impacts Customer Satisfaction

by Robert Turknett, Ph.D.
TLG Co-founder/Co-chair

"At one technology firm, Research & Development and Sales were at war. Each department saw its customer and organization view as the “right” one, and they viewed each other as lazy and incompetent. "READ MORE
Creating “win-win” agreements for team conflicts

Creating “win-win” agreements for team conflicts

by Dr. Chris McCusker
TLG Senior Consultant

"Conflict is “the appearance of difference,” and it is a necessary ingredient of team effectiveness. Conflict can help teams avoid bad decisions, expose faulty assumptions, and coordinate thinking. But in this time of high emotion and fatigue, let’s remember some simple principles for creating win-win agreements in teams:"
Teamwork- the ability to collaborate towards a common vision 
Teamwork, the ability to collaborate towards a common vision 

by Ikram Omar
TLG Communications & Marketing Coordinator

"When we recognized our own individual styles and the styles of our peers, we were able to better communicate with each other and understand our behavior styles. We were able to improve our level of communication, while still staying true to our personality and engaged with each other much more than before." READ MORE
Real Communication is not always easy
Real Communication is not always easy, but it's worth the investment

by Kathryn Igou
TLG VP Operations

How often do you bite your tongue in a meeting? Or listen as the same people hog the conversation? Do you have a tendency to just let it slide? Do you ever say anything about it? " Read More
Women in Leadership
Friday, November 20
8am - 10am

Fireside Chat with Hala Moddelmog,  President & CEO Woodruff Arts Center

In Jan 2014 Hala became the first female to lead MAC following a highly successful corporate and nonprofit career. She’s a ‘rock star’ and trailblazing leader, e.g., in 1995 as president of Church’s Chicken, the first woman to lead an international restaurant company; also as president of Arby’s Restaurant Group; and President and CEO of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Hala serves/has served on numerous public, private advisory and nonprofit boards and her honors / awards are equally numerous, e.g., Honorary doctorate from GSU and YWCA Academy of Women Achievers. In Oct., 2020, Hala was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Turknett Leadership Group.
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The 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership Character was an exciting virtual celebration. Thank you for attending and a special thank you to our sponsors. If you missed our virtual event, please feel free to click on the link below.
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