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It's show time! February marks the beginning of the trade and home show season - a major opportunity for you to acquire new leads, highlight new products and/or services, and develop the contacts you need to build your business. In this issue, I'd like to share some practical tips that can tilt the tradeshow playing field to your advantage!
Three Smart Tradeshow Strategies
1. Attendees are pre-qualified to be receptive to your offerings - or they wouldn't be there. It's a window of opportunity you won't easily find elsewhere, so you'd do well to make the most of it.
Table Top Display

2. Your competitors will be there too, so you'll need to "dress for success." Put your best foot forward with a layout specifically designed to attract your target audience. Does it look polished and professional? Is it visually engaging?  Is your message interesting and intriguing? This is not the time or place to look second-rate.

3. Capturing prospect data in a thorough and systematic way is essential, as it can help build your email list, enable follow-up efforts, and replying to specific prospect questions and requests.
A-Z and 20+ Years of Tradeshow Marketing

Your trade show exhibit display immediately reflects your company image
and portrays the level of product quality and service customers can expect to receive. To be effective, the visual impact of your trade show display must make a strong first impression and communicate your message in a matter of seconds. This small window of time is critical to attracting prospects to your booth and maximizing your sales opportunities.
Booth Backdrops
Develop a game plan/strategy in advance. It isn't enough to just smile and hand out promotional pens. You need to give prospects a good reason for stopping by. The objective should be to initiate a brief conversation - not a long sales pitch. For example, at a home show, you might ask, "Are you folks planning on doing any remodeling this year?" Try to qualify the prospect's interest, but don't try to close the deal - - because other exhibit booth visitors will be looking for your time as well and they will want to move on if the wait time is too long.

Your booth graphics (and content) should "tell the story" of what you do - and why folks should do business with you - in a concise and cogent way. Keep your product or service, front and center so it is clear what you have to offer. Go "beyond" the signs and give your booth a more polished and professional look. Consider table skirts, retractable banner stands, tabletop displays, full-length backdrops, digital displays, etc.  A-to-Z can help you make your presence known with our expertise and full line of tradeshow display products.  

A time-tested contact capturing strategy is to have a raffle, offering a prize of real value to the winner. Something that could be a wow factor.  A flat screen tv or a new grill.  Who wouldn't want to come home from a trade show with a grand prize like that. By filling out the raffle form, the prospect will provide his or her info. You can also request them to consent ("opt in") to receive promotional emails from you. Capturing their contact information enables you to further your conversation with them and potentially gain a new customer.
Let A-to-Z Signs be your tradeshow exhibit display partner.  We have the experience and commitment to making your "on the floor" impact more outstanding - in every sense of the word!

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