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Is it impossible for your facility to coordinate a training session that works for everyone’s schedule? Our self-study packets provide you with a convenient, efficient, and self-paced way to learn about an important topic in long-term care. Each packet includes instructions, a concise course, added resources, a competency test, and more!

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Item # IS102PCK

Behavioral Health Services: Caring for

Residents with Cognitive, Mood or

Substance Use Disorders

Price: $35.00/pack of 5

Supports F949!

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Item # IS115PCK

Infection Prevention and Control

Price: $35.00/pack of 5

Supports F945!

IS200PCK-COVER image

Item # IS200PCK

Preventing Resident Abuse, Neglect

and Exploitation

Price: $35.00/pack of 5

Supports F943!

IS203PCK-COVER image

Item # IS203PCK

Resident Rights: Maintaining Dignity

and Respect in the Nursing Facility

Price: $35.00/pack of 5

Supports F942!

IS410PCK-COVER image

Item # IS410PCK

Trauma-Informed Care

Price: $35.00/pack of 5

Supports F699!

IS502PCK-COVER image

Item # IS502PCK

QAPI: Using Data to Drive Change

Price: $35.00/pack of 5

Supports F944!

IS503PCK-COVER image

Item # IS503PCK

Compliance and Ethics: Preventing

Criminal, Civil, and Administrative


Price: $35.00/pack of 5

Supports F944!

IS511PCK-COVER image

Item # IS511PCK

Communicating with Residents:

Overcoming Barriers to Effective


Price: $35.00/pack of 5

Supports F941!

Purchase of any Self-Study Packet requires a one-time $15 purchase of the Instructor Guide, which is a USB Flash Drive that supports all 8 titles listed above. 

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