It's time for a mobile-friendly website.   
Upgrade now for significantly better search results and a fresh new look -- optimized for mobile phones & tablets. Customize and/or choose from 3 new templates.
Why upgrade to an Artsystems 'Responsive Design' website?
  1. Readability. Today, more than 50% of your website visitors arrive on a mobile device. Unless you already have a responsive-design or separately designed mobile site, what they see is a tiny shrunken version of what you see on your computer's web browser. Check it out on your phone -- is it difficult to navigate, especially as the text is so small. That's not the best first impression and frustrating to the user. Responsive design automatically scales text and images and configures a site so that the viewer can read and view it easily, based on the visitor's device -- whether a desktop or laptop computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet.
  2. Search Engine Optimization. Google has stated that it ranks sites partially based on their being mobile friendly. If a website is not 'responsive design', it is not mobile friendly, and is pushed down the rankings. Simple as that.
  3. Functionality. Our new websites include custom navigation and additional features for mobile views, to enhance the visitor's experience and keep them browsing your site.
  4. Fresh design. We now have three new fully customizable responsive-design templates from which to choose (see below).
  5. Efficiency and time savings. Artsystems websites are completely updated by users -- in minutes. With the Artsystems CMS (Content Management System), you can or update works individually, add news, press, press releases, and artist bios, or import groups of works and images in bulk, including entire exhibitions, from Artsystems software, Excel, or even any competing art management system. Full-time expert live support is included.
See more about our current website offerings at See our three template options, below.

An Artsystems Pro Website is $2,500 set up, and $149/month for licensing, hosting, and support. It comes with a choice of fonts and colors, is fully customizable, and includes up to three free hours of design and/or feature customization.
Our newest customizable template: Example of Criterion template with preconfigured options to come -- see below 'plus' examples for content options and/or customize.

Our cleanest-looking customizable template: Touchstone with add-on options:

Our original template design: Standard with add-on options:

Pro Website News: ProFile App Sync
The Artsystems content management system (CMS) is shared both by a Pro Website and the ProFile iPad/iPhone app. This unified interface allows data and images to be posted just one time for both venues simultaneously. Individual works, groups, or exhibitions can be marked to display on both venues, one venue and not the other, or neither.

ProFile iPad/iPhone App
Pro Website News: Direct Load from Pro Database

Coming soon (weeks!), the ability to select works and exhibitions and publish directly from the Pro database to the website CMS/Admin, without exporting/importing with Excel! Each Work's publish status to both the Pro Website and ProFile app will be visible in the Pro database.
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