BYOD with Ruckus Wi-Fi
Douglas County discovers how to migrate school district to 802.11n with out going broke or CRAZY! 
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Watch how Campbell Union School District found a budget-friendly
Wi-Fi solution with a viable long-term total cost of ownership.

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Is your wireless network ready for digital learning?


Student 1:1 initiatives, digital textbooks, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) all have strong implications on your wireless network. Legacy wireless was not engineered for the capacity and high throughput required for the influx of wireless devices and interactive learning opportunities.


Ruckus wireless leads the pack with next generation wireless technology ideally suited for schools:

  • Highest coverage area and data throughput capacity per Access Point
  • Integrated BYOD solution to easily and securely register new devices
  • Adaptive antennas adjust to changing conditions with no technical support
  • Simple, intuitive management and significantly lower total cost of ownership 

Download Smart Wi-Fi for Education Brochure to learn more.