Two bytes walk into a bar. The first byte turns to the second and says "I think I may have a parity error." The second byte turns to the first and says "yeah, you look a bit off."   Joe Paris
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CMOS Schmitt inverter sine/square converter
Understanding Digital Buffer, Gate, and IC Circuits - Part 2
Practical digital inverter and AND gate logic ICs
Logic gate basics and a detailed look at practical TTL and CMOS digital buffer IC circuits in part 2 of a five-part mini series.
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Back in 2008, Nuts & Volts sponsored the $100 Workbench Challenge. It was a great success and we had plenty of readers enjoy participating in the contest and showing off their carefully crafted work spaces. With the changes in available tools and technology, we decided to bring the challenge back, but this time even bigger and with a lot more prizes! Our new two-part contest is a combination of straight-up workbench design and a bit of "show and tell."

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Solar Tracker
Solar Tracker
After several scrapped ideas for my senior design project, we settled on a solar-tracking power supply that not only provides power to sustain its own functions (tracking the sun for optimal energy collection), but also for propulsion and steering of an unmanned vehicle.
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HITEC Brushless Servos
Build with Confidence!

With ultra-efficient brushless motors, industry-leading gear trains, and impressive power and precision, our HSB-9000 series of servos is the perfect choice for the most demanding of applications.

Build with confidence by choosing one of our six ultra performance servos!
DFT Basics
DFT Basics
Experiment with DFT using Excel spreadsheets.
For some electronics hobbyists, the discrete Fourier transform, or DFT, is a feared and mysterious entity that is best left to the "experts" or those who practice in the field of digital signal processing (DSP) on a daily basis...

Simple motor speed control
AVR C Programming Workshop - Part 17
Simple motor speed control
Last time, we tied up some loose ends concerning interrupts, getting numbers from a PC, and optical isolation. So now, let's tie it all together and learn to do some simple motor control.

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Help A Brother (or Sister) Out?
Why not stop by our Tech Forum and lend your expertise to help solve someone else's tech problem, or maybe lend your problem to help someone else exercise their expertise? Either way, it's a Win Win!
125 Physics Projects 
Book Pick Of The Week
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
125 Physics Projects  For The Evil Genius 
  Prove your knowledge of physics without expending a lot of energy.

Great experiments to try with the kids or grand kids too!

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  • Constant velocity
  • Circular motion and centripetal force
  • Gravitational acceleration
  • Newton's laws of motion
  • Energy and momentum
  • The wave properties of sound
  • Refraction, reflection, and the speed of light
  • Thermal expansion and absolute zero
  • Electrostatic force, resistance, and magnetic levitation
  • The earth's magnetic field
  • The size of a photon, the charge of an electron, and the photoelectric effect
  • And more
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