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June 2021
Exposure to nature, whether it be in the form of outdoor spaces or creatively bringing nature elements indoors, is critical for the wellbeing of employees. Moving into the second half of 2021, we are all recognizing the importance of taking "a walk in the park". If you've got an outdoor space that needs furniture, modifications or accessories, now's the time to invest! Working outdoors has countless benefits. It can improve your mood, prevent fatigue and increase productivity overall! Now especially, given our new normal, working outdoors can help keep you and your employees safe. We carry countless stunning outdoor furniture solutions and want to share some of our favorites with you. With impeccable quality and sophisticated design, this is outdoor furniture for the long haul. Don't know where to start? Our team will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your particular space and specific needs! Contact us
GO Tables by Landscape Forms. Equipped with LED lighting, a display mount and a charger/power box powered by Solar Power, this table is not only perfect for the outdoors, but also designed with environmental responsibility. GO is an appealing and sleek approach to outdoor workplace furniture; it provides the ideal surface for writing and rounded edges for comfort. We love products that align with our Be. Green. Philosophy.
Adaptable, flexible and moveable, the Bravo Bistro by Landscape Forms is a quick and simple solution to brighten up any outdoor space without excessive planning. Both the table and chair are first e-coated then powdercoated, providing surface durability, resistance to scratching and corrosion, and protection from UV light and other elements.
Looking for something with a playful personality? Julene Armchair by Jane Hamley Wells is a colorful, wire-back chair with a fun character. The open-frame back allows for additional elements of your design to shine through. These chairs will look stunning with any table and can serve as beautiful pops of color in an otherwise neutral space. You'll appreciate the galvanized and powder-coated frame that works equally well with or without a seat pad.
The Maru Collection by Memo consists of a unique variety of finely detailed slat-style benches with options for backs, seat pads, screens & useful accessories such as tables and power. The natural wood finish adds warmth and grounding element while the simplistic shapes bring a sense of peace, clarity and serenity. Maru is available in three, five and seven slat styles and can be specified for interior or outdoor use.
The Grasshopper Table and Bench by Landscape Forms is a unique piece to make your outdoor space standout. The ultra thin concrete, curved and elongated forms paired with a smooth surface create a sleek, sophisticated and simple look.
Flex Chair by Andreu World is a versatile seating solution that adds comfort and sophistication to any outdoor space. The Flex Chair Outdoor is built for durability and resilience, with EPL5 technology and thermo-polymer shell, that protect the chair from damage.

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Happy Pride Month! Be. Workplace Design celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and stands for inclusivity, diversity, equality & the right to authenticity for all! This month and every month...we encourage you to Be. Bold. Be. Brave. Be. You. Happy Pride!
LightHouse for the Blind & Be. Workplace Design:
An Inspiring Collaboration

Be. Workplace Design had the pleasure of working with LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in furnishing their Sirkin Center in Alameda! This inspiring collaboration is very dear to our hearts; we are filled with gratitude to have been entrusted by such an important organization in co-creating a reliable, modern & upbeat space!

Founded and based in San Francisco since 1902, LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired is dedicated to fostering independence, equality and self-reliance for those who are blind or who have low vision. Our team worked together with FORGE Architecture in San Francisco and provided Furniture Design Coordination, Furniture Selection & Installation Services to create a beautiful & optimally functional space. We're incredibly excited to show you our video of the finished project; featuring important leaders from LightHouse, including the incredibly inspiring CEO—Bryan Bashin! Big thank you to LightHouse for collaborating with us on the project as well as this informative video !

Project Video: LightHouse for the Blind & Be. Workplace Design
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