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Islamophobia, The Washington Post and the TRUTH
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Thursday, March 21, 2019
The Washington Post editorial board Tuesday allowed Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to rail on the West for Islamophobia and acts of aggression against Islam. Let us remember that Erdogan is a strong supporter of Palestinian terrorism against Israel, was publicly condemning ISIS's brutal terrorism and murders of Christians and Kurds while privately aiding and abetting ISIS, and is one of the world's most authoritarian suppressors of free speech. By allowing Erdogan to take the West to task for its treatment of Muslims, the Washington Post, at the expense of truth, is lending its editorial weight to one of the most anti-Semitic, anti-freedom, and anti-Christian dictators in modern historyLet's take an inventory.
On July 23, 2017,  Erdogan  proclaimed that all Muslims should visit the Temple Mount and protect Jerusalem while accusing Israeli Jews of "attempting to take the Mosque from Muslim hands on the pretext of fighting terrorism." On July 30, 2017, Erdogan organized thousands in Istanbul to protest Israel's Temple Mount actions and to show solidarity with the "Palestinian" people. At the same time Erdogan provoked "Palestinians" to act against Israel, and worked with Iran in tandem to literally "feed" the riots. In August 2014,  Erdogan declared, "They kill women so that they will not give birth to Palestinians; they kill babies so that they won't grow up; they kill men so they can't defend their country ...They will drown in the blood they shed." He compared the Jews to Hitler.
PressTV reported in September 2014 that German state television ARD revealed that ISIS was recruiting volunteers from an office in Istanbul. The office was run by ISIS-affiliated Turks and was helping " foreign militants cross the Turkish border to join the terrorist group's militants in Iraq and Syria. The report said that militants were paid up to 400 euros, to join the battles." World Tribune also reported that political opposition to Erdogan was demanding answers about the ISIS training in Turkey. World Tribune wrote: "Opposition sources said ISIL (ISIS) has continued to operate in Turkey...They said ISIL was recruiting and training its fighters in remote areas of Turkey with the knowledge of the intelligence community." It was also reported at the time that Turkish ambulances and hospitals were being used to treat ISIS militants wounded in battle.
Meanwhile, Erdogan fails to condemn Boko Haram's continued terrorism against Christian villages in Western Africa, the most recent Monday night that killed at least four. It has recently attacked Christians in Michika, Madagali, Shuwa, Gulak and Baza, leaving reports of a death toll of some 120. In October 2018 alone, there were 260 Nigerian Christians killed at the hands of Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen, bringing the total to over 2,300 killed from January to October 2018, and 16,000 Christians killed in the previous three years. Religion of Peace reports 2,124 murders by Islamic terrorists so far in 2019-some 703 killed in the last 30 days. Where are the Washington Post editorials on these? James 1:8 says "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." Such is Erdogan and the Washington Post. And therein is the TRUTH.
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Bill Wilson


Caring for those even the Church ignores: 
The Disabled in Ghana

By Pastor William Agbeti

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UN figures put persons living with disabilities in the world at 20% of the global population. 80% of this number can be found in developing countries. In Ghana alone, there are some 3 million persons living with various forms of disabilities. 
Our Ghana ministry serves where others will not.This two-day residential program for children with disabilities provide food, clothing and recreation

Their plight is demoralizing. Many in the Ghanaian society consider them taboos. Scores of local churches have not opened their doors to them. Several families neglect their disabled children, to fend for themselves. Sadly, some communities go to the extreme to put a newly born disabled child into a mortar and use a pestle to pound it to death, with the belief that their souls will not return to the communities again. In the main, the disabled are ostracized from the society. Only a handful of homes, families and communities treat them with a modicum of respect and acceptance. Read the rest of the story by clicking here

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