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Island Hopping:
Dominican Republic and Bahamas Update
Within a two week span Nate spent time in both the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas!  We are really seeing the advantages of strategically living in South Florida!

Nate worked hand-in-hand in the Dominican Republic with our Praying Pelican Missions staff to put on a staff retreat for our local staff.   Nate also spent a considerable amount of time with our two full-time international employees, getting them set up in new roles to help lead the team of seasonal staff.

In the Bahamas, Nate helped lead the first annual PPM Pastor's Conference.  With about 15 in attendance, we set the groundwork as to why we want to have genuine relationships with our partner pastors.  You could feel the excitement in the room as they began to dream about how to use the incoming short-term missions teams to yield long term Kingdom impact.
Support Update
Last month we put out a plea for increased support and we are happy to announce that we are slowly making some progress.  We are so thankful to the two existing supporters who doubled their giving to us!  We are beyond grateful that they caught the vision of us serving from Florida to the World!

Nate with the Bahamas Team:  Shantel (full-time Bahamian Staff) and Andy (Bahamas Location Leader).
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We continue to be amazed at the team of supporters that the Lord has brought to us.  We want you to know that you are appreciated, and we count it an honor to serve with you!

This Month Around the World:
Guatemala Staff Retreat
February 14-18:  Nate will be in Guatemala helping to host the first PPM Guatemala Staff Retreat.  This three day event will help set up the staff to confidently be the bridge between cultures as we bring in almost 400 short-term missionaries there this year alone!  Please be in prayer for unity, wisdom, and for new leaders to be raised up!

February 28 - March 4:  Nate will be back in Costa Rica helping to facilitate the 3rd annual PPM Costa Rica Staff Retreat.  It will be great for Nate to be back with the staff that he helped train throughout our time of living in Costa Rica.  Please continue to pray for his travel and also the family as they stay home in Florida.
January's Photos
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