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May 25, 2023

Sivan 5, 5783

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Upcoming available Kiddush dates:

Beha'alotcha 06/10/2023

Sh'lach 06/17/2023

Chukat-Balak 07/01/2023

Rabbi Kornfeld's Classes:

Practical Halacha

 Monday - Friday @ 9:30 am

The Laws of Shabbat

Text: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch

Location: Only on Zoom


Talmud Class


Weekly class: Thursday @ Noon

Location: In Library or on Zoom 


Shacharit Schedule


Sundays @ 8am, Monday - Friday @ 7am. Talmud to follow.  

Please call or Text Rabbi Kornfeld @ 206-679-9117 to confirm your participation and to confirm the service will be happening.  


Bring and Arrange Flowers and Greens

for Shavuot TODAY!


The flowers blooming in your yard (rhododendrons, calla lilies, roses, foxglove, etc) can be part of our traditional Island Synagogue Shavuot bima decor! We'll be arranging whatever greens and flowers we can procure (bought or harvested) Today (May 25th) at 2 pm in the sanctuary, and invite you to help! Or, if you can't make it, just drop off contributions in a bucket that will be near the front door before 2pm.


We appreciate any flower donations that you can make so we can commemorate the receiving of the Torah with a lovely tradition that flourishes throughout the Jewish world.


Diane Medved and Terri Schneeweiss

Shavuot Bima Decorators

Shavout (Flyer).png

The Final RCS Class is on May 31st at the

Kornfelds Backyard

Collecting Shamos, Returning IS Library Books, and Donating Jewish Books

Do you have papers and books to be discarded that may have Hashem's name on them?

Do you have used or damaged religious articles, like tzitzit, tallitot, or tefillin?

Did you borrow a book from the shul and need to return it?

Do you have books published by Artscroll, Feldheim, or others that are suitable for our shul library that other members would benefit from?

If you answered YES! to any of these, please bring your books, pamphlets, old benchers, Hebrew papers, and used religious objects to the shul. We will direct them to their right place. Arrangements have been made with BCMH to take our shamos for a donation to their shamos project. Our shamos will go into their storage until it is buried with the other shamos they are collecting. Donations to help with the BCMH shamos fees would be greatly appreciated.

When can you drop off?

  • Morning minyan
  • Shabbat services
  • May 26th (Final Day to dropoff Shamos) 930-5pm
  • Those times don't work for you? Contact Keith at 206-275-1539 or by email to arrange dropoff.

Friday is the final day for dropoff!

Terri's Pop-Up Backyard Mini Mall.....

is open from today until final closure on Monday, 5/22. ALL ITEMS ARE FREE: Kawai piano, fridge w/freezer, new yard tools, heavy-duty shelving & more.Call Terri Schneeweiss (206) 778-1200 for photos, details, & to see what's still left.  

North Mercer Island QFC Employment Opportunity


North Mercer Island QFC is expanding our kosher department to help serve the kosher consumer community, they are seeking additional team members. QFC desires to provide the kosher consumer with the highest level of customer service and quality.


If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, please have them apply at jobs.kroger.com or contact Susan Her (206-880-8192) or Roger Dowell (206-230-0745) as soon as possible. QFC offers flexible schedules and excellent benefits.


NOTE: Candidates for Kosher positions must be Shomer Shabbat, Kashrut, Mitzvot and approved by the Seattle Vaad.

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