Dear St. John's Parents:

This afternoon, in a meeting with educators, the governor announced that she will be placing the island back into PCOR1 on Saturday for a two week period. She is taking this step to curb the number of positive cases of COVID19. This means that only essential businesses will be open. Schools will be allowed only online instruction, no in-person teaching for two weeks. Our school offices will be closed.

My two assistant heads of school will announce class times for online learning to begin Monday.  We will have school on campus tomorrow. Today and tomorrow teachers will make sure that students take home the books and materials they will need for online classes.

We will help teachers prepare for quality online instruction and pray fervently that we will be able to return to our campus in two weeks time. Please make sure that your family abides by the PCOR1 guidelines and keep everyone safe at home. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding now and always.
Pat Bennett
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